2019 - Actual, Bigger, and Better Downtown


My family walked around DT a bit on NYE afternoon and I had the same thought on the crane. Very lame.





Jeff Speck is a genius! I’m currently reading his latest book, Walkable City Rules, and it’s really good.


I was revisiting some of my saved youtubes, and thought that there were important enough to share. I too really admire Jeff Speck. I like the way that he breaks it down for logical and easy consumption.


Something that Raleigh should seriously think, and do Now not in 20 years from now. After watching the Video, City leaders, State and Local, and Developers should come together for the good of the Neighborhood. Condos are nice but not everyone can afford a condo, so why not build affordable apartments, townhome and duplexs storefronts that people can get to with walkable access and Transit. I do love this video and I pray that DTR and Raleigh can implement this to some degree.


Would love if he ( Jeff Speck ) can visit Raleigh and meet with the Mayor and city leaders to speak about walkable cities.


Me too! Everyone should check out oak city CRE’s urbanist book share. eepurl.com/gbugrv


I am sorry, what exactly am I signing up for? Email address and all?


Ha, I guess that does look sketchy. I know Jed who runs it, and he is a cool guy. Go follow him on twitter or sign up for his newsletter (I guess that is an email too) if you are interested to know more.

He has a medium site at well if that helps https://medium.com/@OakCityCRE