301 Hillsborough / Raleigh Crossing

Current state of 301.


I can’t wait for this one to be topped out. Will be the highest in that vicinity, on about 30 ft. Higher foundation than the Dillon. Anyone know the ground to crown height for this tower?


This location is actually still considered part of Glenwood South.


If Wikipedia is correct about the height of the Holiday Inn (239’), Raleigh Crossing will top out 24’ higher at 263’ according to the submittal.


I have such a hard time believing that Holiday Inn is that tall. I would think 200ft at the most. I think the Raleigh Crossings are going to look significantly taller


I’ve measured it on Google Earth and the Holiday Inn is around 200’. No idea why people have it listed higher. 301 is going to dwarf it big time.


There are antennas on top, if my memory serves, which might be counted in n, no idea how they got that number otherwise.

I could be misremembering, but I think the “official” way to measure a building’s height is to include any and all ornamental features like crowns and such, but to ignore all non-structural / non-ornamental stuff on top (e.g. antennae / radio equipment, HVAC, etc.), because structural components and ornamentation are not typically changed, but utilitarian features like antennae are likely to be removed / replaced / upgraded one or more times during the life of the building.


One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower to some) reaches its 1776 ft height through its spire because it was deemed architectural, and not just an antenna. There was some controversy about that ruling since the spire is rather weak to many.
I am not sure if there is a difference between official height of the building, including its various architecturally significant ornamentation on the roof, and the height currently allowed under the UDO. Could a building at Raleigh crossing meet the UDO requirement, yet still have an official height many dozen feet taller with some sort of crown on it???

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Interesting thought! Maybe a developer could build a tower with a couple floors of residential and a bar inside the “antennae”?

Famously, this is what they did with the Chrysler Bldg - raising the spire almost in secrete to become the tallest building till the Empire St, another building with an enormous spire, because tallest. I am going to assume that when this qualification was written they didn’t have radio/tv/cell towers in mind, but decorative and more structural spires, like something you could anchor a blimp to. :grin:


At least those spires were truly architecturally significant to their respective buildings!


Construction cam happening for this?

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Nothing going on that is particularly exciting as of yet…


We should have a contest for the first person to find a webcam for this project… Not sure what they’ll win, but it needs to be something nice. :slight_smile:


A cam would be awesome. With 3 towers to come up in this small spot… I’m not aware of such a dense project in Raleigh yet, so this would be quite fun to watch.


rent a room at Holiday Inn and mount a cam in window looking over site. Would work until 301 gets higher than Holiday. :grin::grin::grin:

(edit 12/8) maybe someone could do weekly visits to “Skye Tower Restaurant” at Holiday Inn (HI) for pictures of 301 until there is a web cam. (?) I Had to check to make sure it’s still open, I do recall nice views from there, but that was um many years ago, like when was a HI the first time around and was in High School :grin:.


Not yet going vertical here either…


They’ve been sinking rebar and pouring concrete deeeeeeep into the ground for weeks now. That’s going to be a hell of a foundation!


I am pretty sure they were setting the base of the tower crane when I just drove by. The light turned green so I could not grab a picture