Affordable Housing


I 200% agree with Both Comments…@evan.j.bost @Robert1977 there has to be some give and take here when it comes to affordable housing. I used to live in North Hills off Six Forks and I saw my Rent rising and not my Pay, and was working TWO JOBS at that. In the end I could no longer afford to live in the area and had to Stay with a friend until I can find a much affordable Apartment. A Year later and still staying with my friend, I Don’t want to live far out from my Job and spend my time in a Long commute to work each day, and finding a place close to my Job is too Damn expensive. Had got a raised Just this passed Month and it didn’t even make a dent, I thank GOD that I don’t have tons of Bills to pay. But taking Public Transit to/from work is a Job itself, but it gets me where I need to go so I can’t really complain much. The City of Raleigh Seriously needs to Put the Reins on affordable housing, I’m sure that there are some decent places that are in my Price range, but that is like a needle in a Haystack.


Without meaning to be rude or making this personal, it sounds like you have a lot of wants. You want to work the job you have, you want to not have a long commute, etc. It’s something to strive for and work towards. I just don’t feel like it’s the government’s job to provide that for you. I’d like to live in a fancy house near my job and downtown, but sadly it doesn’t always work out what way.


No…your are Right…and in some ways it is a lot of wants. But in reality I do not expect that…And I do not expect the Government to provide for me either, I earn my own Keep. But don’t we all want to live where we can afford to ??? Just saying.


Don’t feel to much pressure to answer, but what rent would you be looking for and what would it be near (where is work)?


I prefer to pay a mortgage instead of rent, and I don’t want to live downtown. Just near enough that I can get there easily. Maybe something in West Raleigh, for about $400,000. I might be biased because I did exactly that. :man_shrugging:


Between 700 and 900 a month and I work at RTP but would prefer to find something in West Raleigh/Cary.