Amazon HQ2 Downtown?


Great for Garner, but it’s not just Amazon that is going to make Garner boom. 540’s approved future route is going to sandwich Garner between 40 which will make it a great place to live if you want to live near Raleigh but work in RTP or Durham.


I bought in Garner 11 years ago and the values have started to skyrocket!


The growth is happening, but slowly, and most of it seems to be concentrated around the White Oak and Cleveland areas. I’m seeing more and more bland subdivisions cropping up in those places . . .


The truth is that much of California is very dense suburbia. In my opinion, that’s the worst of both worlds. It’s at the same time dense but not walkable. It’s crowded but car dependent.


If and a BIG IF !! Amazon comes to the Triangle, they would have to be a location with easy walkable access and Transit ready in order to get around. This is indeed a “Car Dependent” region and whatever means of getting around , be it BRT…and yes rail… more GoTriangle buses, etc. needs to be put in place.


amazon-hq2 This is a Illustration of Amazon HQ2 bid in Boston, Note : a illustration only it is not Raleigh, I don’t want to get my head shot off for not clarifying things. If Amazon picks Raleigh, I truly believe that it will be a Huge Plus for the Triangle and the region. If you like u can look for this on there you will see the link. Also another rendering in Rhode Island, I may be wishful thinking and hoping But is that a Bad thing, if Raleigh is picked as the winner we all should be patting ourselves on the back and saying " GO Raleigh" !!


I tried to go on the link to make sure that I can get onto the link. But, It took me somewhere else. I went on Goggle Images where I found the pic, if any problems I will try again.


I Just saw the WRAL tech wire report on Amazon HQ2 bid, and it stated a announcement in June, and now we are in Mid August. ( ??? ) I’m on pins and needles here. If Amazon chooses Raleigh it will change the face of DTR.


I keep reading they’ll announce by end of year.


WRAL had info that Apple would announce in June. They were wrong.

It’s always been “by end of year” for Amazon.


I think Garner is really missing out with their development style. In particular, If you go to their actual downtown. their is just tremendous opportunity for missing middle housing infill, restaurants, and shops. There seems to be essentially zero development there except for civic buildings. Fill that area in with places that are old style downtown having shops or restaurants bellow and little lofts above and people would flock to that. 2 blocks of person street have more going on than Garner’s downtown.


How have I lived downtown Raleigh for 13 years and never knew Garner had a legitimate historic downtown.

Just googled it. Wow.


The only reason I know about it is because a guy at church works in an auto repair shop there that his grandfather started (called family auto). Really good place to take your car btw. So, I took my wife’s car there to get it looked over after 100,000 miles, and took a look around while it was in the shop. There is at least a coffee shop, and it has the potential to become cool. It could at least be a Person St. type place, and could become a downtown like Fuquay’s if they just tried a bit. Go drive by sometime to check it out.


But not too fast lest you miss it


For those that want to dismiss the topic of politics relation to downtown and overall economic growth, take a look at the latest CNBC ‘Amazon HQ2 Ranking’. Notice the one area where not only do we get dinged but it is singled out as an issue.


We lost a Charlotte Pay Pal expansion previously, the HB2 hangover continues.


CNBC is a joke anyway, Dallas an A?
No way!
I lived there for a year, it’s flat, brown and ugly (and the infrastructure is awful).
Nothing attractive about that city and downtown is not impressive.


Yeah I read it too and they all had negatives which basically all could be blamed on politics if you get right down to it… It that was the worse thing they could throw at Raleigh then I would say that we are looking pretty good.


I Just read the CNBC article on the Amazon Bid…and I read down the list of cities and found that Raleigh was given a Overall Grade of a ( B ). 1. Population A + 2. Stability B+ 3. Talent B 4. Location C+. I was hopping for a A + for Location because the Area here seems Great. On pins and needles here But I do hope they make a decision soon.:thinking::slightly_smiling_face: But the one thing that may Jinks the whole thing is the Anti-discrimination policy or rather the "“Bathroom Issue” that our State Capital has a Hold on. Now I’m no politician per say nor am I going to stick my head in the lion’s mouth, BUT.!! I rather let AMAZON think for itself and decided Based on the High Tech Talent that Raleigh has. But then…Raleigh has a Damn good shot at it. :+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand:


I give CNBC an F, F for fraud article.