Best Places/Spaces in Raleigh

In 2019 we learned about their Top 5 Places/Spaces from a Mayor, Executive Director, Director of Community, and City Spokesperson. Who would you want to hear from in 2020?


How about the Governor, the guy who owns House of Swank and Chief AC?


What about some private developer types who have the greatest opportunity to make changes to our built environment in the first place? What do they like?


Yeah, ask the governor so we have an idea what he is eyeballing next to ship back home to Nash County.

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Great call! Adding Roy, John, and Ashley to the list!

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If you had to pick some developers (or name projects and I can figure out the developers), who would they be?

Man, I could truly care less what House of Cheese- I mean Swank has to say about pretty much anything.

Iā€™d like to hear from Stephen Malik


good call, added to the list!