Bloc 83 - One Glenwood, Two Hillsborough, and Phase 3

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Merry Christmas from Bloc 83! :candy:


TBJ just posted this picture in an article detailing upcoming completed projects in the Triangle.

I really hope this rendering comes to fruition for Bloc 83 and actually has open-air windows that allow for an unobstructed entrance into this bar/restaurant and onto Hillsborough St.
I’m a huge fan of that type of design where the indoor space feels connected to the curb and foot traffic.


Thought this was a restoration hardware. Speaking of, when NH proper is redone I. This next couple years it will have a 4 story RH gallery.

I’m a big fan of the garage doors as well. They’re installed in both of the corner units facing Hillsborough St. I’d love to see Dram and Draught move back into one of those spots to return to the feel of the old location which also had garage doors. I always felt it was a shame that the new, current location didn’t have them and that the outdoor space wasn’t quite as large as before. Moving to the location of this rendering would bring all of that back. But I doubt that would happen as both of the units along Hillsborough St seem too big for them.


Some notes from today’s city council meeting:

No opposition to the rezoning for the 18 story tower at today’s city council meeting.

Two Glenwood expected to open in March.

18 story tower will be 6 stories of parking, 11 stories of office, 1 ground floor retail.

Particular sensitivity to parking lighting issues by intense shielding of south and west sides of the parking structure.

This is a massing illustration and not the actual design of the tower.


sorry, maybe I missed something. Where will the 18 story tower project be? I imagine this is a dumb question.

Next to Origin Hotel, between Origin and Boylan Ave.


The old Moonlight Pizza/Calavera location. The good thing about this developer proposing the project, is they don’t waste time and begin construction ASAP.


Hold on, they need even more parking here, in addition to the massive deck they just built?? :thinking:


Welcome to Raleigh! Zoom, zoom!

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I agree… I feel like I must be missing something with cluster of projects… Way too much parking already, maybe they have even bigger plans for the area. I’m still betting something is going up south of the Origin deck. And I bet something may go up on the North Side of Hillsborough Street too. But still seems like a lot of excess parking in this area.


isn’t the amount of parking space that’s required a formula? i mean it’s not arbitrary, is it? city can’t just make up numbers a developer has to provide as part of the building?

I believe that they are providing way more parking than the city reguires.


They build way more parking than required. They think having plentiful parking gives them a competitive advantage.

I might be on the opposite side of most here, but I will take developers building additional parking if it means they will construct the buildings they propose.Especially given the market conditions that we’re currently in. Really hope this one starts going up in 2021.


Enough with all of these random parking decks everywhere! They should just go ahead and turn all of Dix park into a giant parking deck, and provide high-speed monorail into downtown! /sarcasm


With parking decks currently being necessary (I’m stopping short of saying necessary evil), there are definitely some good examples and bad examples of exposed decks around the city. For example, I think that West, PNC and Paramount have done an admirable job of integrating their decks into their buildings’ designs, while others like 222 just have their decks exposed and slapped onto the back of their properties. Some older decks in the city like the Moore Square Station and Hannover Square have done a decent job.

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@John here is your urban corridor :slight_smile:

Court yard coming along


Could be wrong. But drove by earlier and it looked like they were adding more paneling to the parking garage.