Bloc 83 - Two Hillsborough and parking deck

I didn’t say there isn’t anything, I said there isn’t much. And I mean buildings made of ugly red brick.

Ugly red brick? Yeah, I’m checking out of this convo. It’s getting absurd.

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Maybe i’m mistaken but it looks like this is replacing the SECU concrete building

Changing the subject slightly, does anyone know who owns the Hemp Farmacy property? That seems like a natural acquisition target for Heritage.

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FYI, let’s keep the historic preservation conversation going over at this thread.


BPAC Commission was told last meeting that West Street Cycle Track would be completed this year. I don’t see this as being possible, but that’s what staff said. Commissioners even asked for clarification - asking if that would be the entire installation and we were told - yes.


Unsure if it’s been mentioned before but this is a freaking gorgeous structure built in 1875. Not exactly a “ahh f*ck it just tear it down” kind of property.


That’s not really surprising. We really need a protected bike lane advocacy group that pushes Raleigh to adopt new street design regulations that encourage street renovations to include protected bike lanes. Right now developers and city planners have to follow what the city says and right now it’s completely suburban in nature and the City Council couldn’t care less than it does right now.

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BPAC will be reviewing / suggesting updates to the UDO to include protected bike facilities as a treatment option (currently not included). Oaks and Spokes is a great advocacy org (folks should plug in with them to encourage these changes!) and I would LOVE an advocacy org focused exclusively on separated / protected facilities as a norm. :wink: Oaks and Spokes has been working to meet with all council reps (met with Mayor yesterday) and discussed the critical nature of these separated facilities if we want to see mode shift.


Images from the additional design review submittal to the city…


Overall a beautiful project, but then upper right image shows the bland parking deck.

I hope they have to decorate the exterior of that parking garage.

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Well this is want you people want. Parking minimums. Get parking decks. It’s like hitting yourself in the face and wondering why it hurts.

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I’ll take the parking garage with multiple retail spaces, over a run down and vacant mechanic shop any day.


If you’re gonna have a deck with retail, why not make it public sculpture?
This deck in Miami Beach doubles as event space, and has been the scene of fashion shoots, luxury auto commercials, cocktail parties, film festival screenings, and countless weddings. If we have to have garages, let’s be a little creative.


If your going for any other office park in Raleigh, then they hit the nail on the head…
Also, I agree with Francisco, it’s what “they” want…:disappointed:

We all know that’s never going to happen. Parking is already an expensive, expensive structure to build when you’re forced to do it. So why spend more money for it to look good? Just meet the minimum requirements, sell the building for a profit and move on.


That deck gives me anxiety. So much wasted space.

God just imagine just how tall and ugly the parking deck will be for the 30+ tower that might get built at the N&O property.

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