Bloc 83 - Two Hillsborough and parking deck


It was going in on West Street. I think from Peace to Hillsborough. The construction in smokey hollow might be holding it up.
Edit: It was West, but from Martin to Jones
I thought I had seen the downtown plan showing a connector between Devereaux Meadows and Dix along West so assumed this too would start at peace.


You’re doing good dude. I hope you don’t mind…I invoked your situation in another thread here. Situations dictate this stuff a lot of times and we, unfortunately as John Q citizens, don’t get to arrange the streets and development they way we want it. I used to spend some time in a house off Creedmoor that was behind a grocery store, and we could easily cut through the loading dock area on foot and shop there…did it after a big snow fall in the 90’s actually, because we had to, before we realized that was even an option. There were no sidewalks of course, but we made a game of making tanks of gas last as long as possible.


No worries man, I work in an industry that prefers the burbs just due to the nature of our work. But there is chatter of moving the office into the city to attract younger staff. I was lobbying to move to One Glenwood, but we are stuck out by the airport for another three years. Maybe one day we will end up downtown. Fingers crossed!


I was stuck on Capital for 11 years and finally got moved downtown (State employee). Now all the talk is moving the State out again because the real estate is too valuable. FML.


I think that it’s grossly over-confident to think that Raleigh won’t need parking in 10, 15, or even 20 years or more. IMO, Raleigh won’t be remotely Manhattan-like in any of our lifetimes. While we can reduce the dependency on cars by offering more opportunity for people to not get in one, it won’t eliminate the need for cars altogether, especially since DT isn’t just for the people who live there or those who are fortunate to live near a limited number of future commuter stations on future rail lines.
I whole heartedly agree with building parking structures for future conversion, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for that conversion to happen.
Another option for projects like 2 Hilllsborough is to put the parking underground. Clearly, this isn’t financially viable yet since the decision was made to put parking across the street on yet another parcel. If the value of the land across the street + the cost of building a garage was more than the cost of going underground with it, then the parking would be underground. We need land costs to soar to the point that this garages above grade no longer make sense. Unfortunately, this would also make all future housing even more expensive as land costs figure into those prices as well. That said, I don’t see either happening anytime soon, baring an announcement from Amazon that they’d be coming to DT Raleigh with HQ2.


I enjoy discussions about parking! Demands for parking are changing in Downtown Raleigh and we will continue to see adjustments from both private developers and public regulation. Technology will also continue to change this discussion. I hope that a balance can be maintained with respect to encouraging other modes while also being realistic about automobile use.

Underground parking can drive up costs even more than above ground parking decks and will be much harder to redevelop (if at all). I kind of agree that stand alone decks with retail on the bottom (and top) offer the most flexibility.


A couple of tidbits from a TBJ interview with Heritage.

Blair’s company, Heritage Properties, is wrapping up work on the One Glenwood office building in Glenwood South and is working on plans for a sister tower, complete with a coffee shop and a plaza with a stage for bands.


Why make such a big investment in Glenwood South? In 2015, we did extensive research on Raleigh from a macro perspective and realized that we wanted to focus our expansion efforts on Raleigh. We then spent a lot of time understanding Raleigh from a micro perspective. When I first looked into downtown Raleigh, I was drawn to Fayetteville Street and the east side of downtown. This area had the most density and newest office buildings. However, I quickly shifted focus to Glenwood South/Warehouse District due to the character of the district, the amenities and the proximity to the newest apartment developments. The character of Glenwood South and the Warehouse District is difficult to replicate. There has been a lack of office density in the two districts, largely due to the difficulty of finding parking. However, our development has solved the parking problem. … I feel so strongly about this area that we are planning another large-scale development that we plan to announce in the near future!

I’m guessing the last part is referring to Two Hillsborough, rather than another new project, but not sure.


yeah i found that very confusing. it’s like, there’s a sister tower going to be built…which was already featured in a previous article. and then that quote at the end acting like he’s teasing another project. if there’s a 3rd project besides Two Hillsborough and the One/Two Glenwood project, then i stand corrected.


I took it as a third project, since Two Hillsborough is already announced. They have the space in that area too.


I’m too cynical, but hoping you’re right :wink:


The company building these seems to have the financing. An they seem to realize if you build it they will come. They are creating a bit of a work live play area with the Hotel and Mixed use. They just need the live portion with apartments. Something like 553 Mangum St in Durham would be nice. 12 Stories in a nice shell.


Any guesses on where the third project would go? I’m thinking maybe the Moonlight Pizza property…


That would be my guess as well, though they could branch outward. I am also wondering if something small, like 5 stories could be squeezed into Emily and co.


That would seem to me like a good location for a park or something, sloping down to the train tracks. But it’s not my money!


NOOOOOO!!! I love Moonlight Pizza. We almost always go there after a comedy show at Goodnights.


I would love it if these “two” new projects were built where Dram & Draught and Moonlight Pizza are, but kept both businesses. Especially if there was a way to keep some or most of the original building and decor.


The group behind One/Two Glenwood are listed as property owners with the same name. There are no other properties in the immediate area (including Moonlight’s property) with that name. So if there is a third project, they may have not acquired the land quite yet.


I believe Two Hills is going where Dram currently is… what about the old gas station across the street next to Chargrill. I believe that parcel was sold a while ago and there’s a smaller parcel behind that being used to house construction supplies currently.


I don’t know if Two Hillsborough was ever officially announced though. There was the initial preliminary site plan submission to the city that TBJ covered, but the project is not listed on Heritage’s website and no renderings or designs have been released. It’s hardly the kind of marketing and press splash that a developer wants to make to introduce a project. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the upcoming announcement, but I hope I’m wrong.


I thought Zanoni owned that, aka, the guy who killed old Hillsborough St and handed us a bunch of generic crap in its place.