Bring MLB To Raleigh

Agreed! So with our awesome chances were probably the only option in the south. Gov Cooper is leaving after 2024, I wonder if a new governor will continue their support.

Until we found that radius population tool all we had to go off was MSA and CSA data.

The options were…

  1. Use only the Raleigh metro area and be the smallest of all competitors, but try to explain why.

  2. "Use our CSA vs. everyone else’s MSA (which is actually a more apples to apples measure) which we did early on but it confused people and had them then asking us to use everyone else’s CSA (which for places like SLC is like the entire state)

  1. Use metro area across the board and recombine ours to what is used to be.

#3 was the easiest, and more straight forward story to tell. We’d recombine the metros, call it the Triangle metro, and if anyone raises concern, we spell it out.

Either way, it’s not super clean, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the most FAIR way to compare these markets. We believe it is.

Since we found that radius population tool, we’ve started to use that more, and will continue to do so going forward. But the complications we face in telling this story are the same complications that the region shares in marketing itself. That’s why we believed doing this was a win/win. We wanted it to help get MLB, but we also wanted it to elevate our region and tell it’s story on a national stage.

Anyways, the next year or so we are still going to talk Raleigh, but we are going to start telling the story of the state of NC which as mentioned above, is the largest state (population wise) without an MLB team, has a TON of baseball history, and has 3.5 or 4 (depending on how you count it) Top 50 media markets. Plus the business data NC has will overwhelm competitors…

(we’re also going to be rolling out some really cool NC merch in the coming month :eyes:)

PS. The only states with more top 50 media markets have multiple MLB teams.


This is the last time that I am going to talk about this topic. I think that I’ve made my point. We are not in disagreement about why Raleigh should be the preferred location. Even in my earlier posts I point out the periphery communities in all directions of the Triangle as fan base. I just think that we have to be careful of how we talk about it so that we don’t get dismissed as being ignorant to easily found facts. Even if the Triangle were never split up, our “metro” numbers alone don’t add up. When the Census starts communicating the Triangle’s new definition of the CSA (added counties), our number will increase, but it still won’t reach the CSA numbers of Portland or SLC. I really like the idea of using a broader definition of the potential fan base (that can actually reasonably attend games). The media market is certainly a good one, as is the radius population. I wonder if there is an online tool that can measure 60 minute or 90 minute drives from a proposed location? That might also be useful.

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Excellent choice to graphically communicate proximate density in a manner understandable to all.

MSA vs. CSA is statistically meaningless terms to most.

However how many people reside within a radius is easily understood and allows apple-to-apple comparisons.

Important tool to have, particularly in a public support raising campaign.


Yeah our MSA or CSA definitions won’t matter in this. It really comes down to DMA which measures household which would be bigger than our 2 metros.

One wrinkle that I read about today is that the MLB owners don’t want to expand until the Regional Sports Network situation is resolved. As far as I know, there are no real “solutions” to that problem right now, only temporary fixes. I think about 14 teams are in danger of losing their long-term TV deals so that makes a fair amount of sense.


slightly off topic, danville, va wil be getting a Ceasars casino soon…50 miles from greensboro, 80 miles from raleigh/triangle. there were regular trips out of raleigh to cherokee to gamble for years. possibly a side trip for a post mlb game roadtrip.

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The Casino has been open for close to a year, it’s in a temporary structure on-site adjacent to the construction site. Been many times!



It’s literally Downtown South–a proposed development already promoted to cost several billion dollars. Maybe if we finally know if Downtown South will be the MLB stadium location we can promote Downtown South with the same level of advertisement.


That’s another DTSouth. When Dundon makes a decision on where the stadium will be and it’s there well promote it there.

Rob Manfred announced that when his contract is up in 2029 he won’t be renewing, could that effect when expansion happens, does it give us more time to prepare?

Dang good for Salt Lake. We gotta get moving and propose a similar idea soon.

Best bet like said by others, is just revise the soccer stadium proposal at DT South with a baseball stadium.


As others have pointed out, that really does look just like the same idea as Downtown South…It’s not really close to the core of downtown SLC AT ALL. Nobody will be walking between DT SLC and the “power district.” Maybe this is the kick in the butt to show what “could be” for Raleigh with a MLB stadium option in downtown South.

I don’t know if the commissioner’s decision to leave at 2029 gives us MORE time…if anything it may shorten things / need us to speed things up, as I’m sure he’ll want the new expansion team process pretty far along if not already playing games before he stops being commisioner in 2029.


Salt Lake has a LRT, and according to FOX 13 Salt Lake City there is a TRAX light rail station close by.

I think Dundon is aware it’s coming he just working behind the scenes which is a smarter move putting the pieces together before he can start making crazy proposals like this.

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This is correct. Dundon and company see no reason to rush things when Oakland/Tampa are still not finalized and there is now talk that expansion may have to wait until the TV deals (RSN) stuff is figured out.

As for DTSouth, it is one of the many location options being vetted (a long process) and Kane is well aware of the movement on the baseball front. Dundon knows all the pros and cons of this location and knows about transit plans that would put a BRT stop on the east side of the DT South property (Wilmington St).

Just saying this to let everyone know that the right players are involved and having the right discussions. I’m with you guys, chomping at the bit for more official movement, but the right move is patience and making sure every detail is examined and worked through.

The MLB Raleigh community group meanwhile is being tasked to grow the movement as large as possible so that when it’s go-time, there is a very loud, very large, and very tangible fan base that MLB cannot ignore.


Agreed - no need to a rush an announcement that is not fully vetted at this point, just for the sake of announcing something.

See Malik and his 1st MLS stadium announcement on a Peace St. Fancy renderings look nice, but if there is virtually zero chance of actually acquiring the property, it just makes you look like a buffoon.


– MLB does not plan to expand before 2030 with Nashville and Salt Lake City currently the leading candidates.

MLB 2024 offseason awards: Best free agent signings, biggest surprises (

That’s from Monday. Sounds like Manfred will be there to set the framework for expansion before leaving, but nothing is imminent.

Yep, there are a lot of advantages to not being first out of the gate on stuff like this. There is that was learned from the failed MLS proposal and from watching what Portland/Nashville/SLC are doing on the baseball front. We are all watching, taking notes, and making sure we don’t replicate any of the mistakes we’ve seen.


That’s big news. The source is Bob Nightengale, who is one of the longest tenured beat writers in MLB and probably baseball journalism’s consummate insider. Obviously a lot can happen between now and 2030, but that’s probably the best insight you’re going to get about where MLB expansion stands at the moment.

Nashville was a given, but it’s very interesting to see SLC here. SLC makes a lot more sense than Las Vegas for an MLB team, so it’ll be fascinating to see how the Oakland A’s situation plays out. John Fisher has had repeated difficulty getting stadium deals across the finish line, and he’s having a lot of trouble getting this deal done, so we shall see.

Incidentally, happy 1000th post to this thread! Hopefully we’re only a few more years away from MLB announcing a proposed timeline for expansion and putting out a request for bids.