City Gateway Project


So, I was just looking at their site, and including Exploris, they are 50% pre-leased.

What I found interesting was this picture of their campus plan. I hadn’t seen it before:

That is a really interesting campus.


Wow! Looks like the McDowell on ramp is gone?


I really like this Project ! Another Wow !

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This looks great! I only remember seeing that (1) large tower in the initial renderings. Are the others all getting built with that one, or are these iterative additions? Does anyone know when this project is slated to break ground?


I love the Concept Rendering…I too was wondering when they will Start construction.


Yes, please! :heart_eyes:

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The website says that is the “campus vision” so I’m guessing its nothing concrete. I really like that they plan to keep the energy positive design going for the rest of the campus though.


Huh, indeed. The traffic seems to be routed into downtown through the campus…makes a much better connected set of streets and is a first step to eliminating that horrible and useless interchange.


Nice rendering but I have to laugh as it seems to be playing with our perspective. Those buildings are huge! I doubt it’ll look like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on the angle, I think the original tower (the Exploris building) is hidden behind the taller tower? So we’re looking at a 4 building campus? I think the big tower is supposed to be 20-25 stories (according to the old TBJ article).

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Looks like between this plan and the Southern Gateway plan that predicts the removal of the NW exit ramps, this interchange is definitely going to see some changes in the future.


Agreed. Bigger question is how many years will it take to see those changes? :wink:

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Is this the same plot where the city proposed putting the potential future home of the Hurricanes?


@ xtremetoonz , Yes it is !

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So…when will this City Gateway Project be built. it looks great


Honestly, I’m not even 100% sure it’ll look like this. I think these are mostly conceptual at this point, with no (public) plans for construction. As much as I like this project (and the effect it will have on the southern edge of DT when combined with Kane’s Clancy project and the South Saunders-Five Horizons project) I’d be cautious about getting too excited at this point.


I really don’t see why this hasn’t started yet, even with the prospect of other developments competing for office space. The website shows that the building is half-leased, so surely that’s enough to begin construction. There’s actually only 5 levels of office space in the building (the rest goes to parking and Exploris):

I really don’t understand the delay.


Right. And this is only the first building. I’m right there with you and the delay is making me cautious about the rest of the project, which is a lot more ambitious. I love the prospect of having an energy-positive building downtown and I love extending the urban core below South St, but I’m getting a little jaded on the number of great renderings that fizzle out.

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Given that its west and south sides are bounded by heavily traveled corridors, I sure hope that they focus on enabling the more walkable NE side of the property by enhancing the walking experience over the bridge and through to Salisbury. The NC Assoc. of Educators site then becomes a key piece of property. It’s currently developed in a very suburban model as a one story building on a large swath of land with a surface parking lot. It could be so much more. As a non-profit, and if they own the land, they could come out really well funded should they make a deal to sell the land while retaining their location.

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Definitely. Does anyone know if the Chamber of Commerce is shopping their property? I’d think they’d jump at the chance to make some money and upgrade their facilities in the near future.

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