Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders, W Cabarrus Master Plan


Yes, I am aware of Amtrak’s rather bonkers policy of restricting access to platforms at major stations because terrorism.

If necessary, they could allow open access to the tunnel while keeping the platforms closed off.


Re: future commuter rail platform, I didn’t realize this was different than the platforms that are there now. Where will the commuter rail platform be?


If you look to the right of the existing platform, there is a commuter platform right across the tracks. There is a second commuter platform pictured just north of the station, across the tracks from the proposed phase two. Just north of that is a passenger platform for the SEHSR alignment just north of Hargett street between two tracks, one of which has not been constructed yet. I’m not sure how old this image is or if it has been superseded, but it seems to show the ultimate layout of the facility.

The second image is of the RUS Phase 2 shows a second platform along with an inner track that is not pictured on the first image.


There’s a survey on this project. You can share what you might want to see here.


Thank you Leo!
I love to offer input and also surveys! :grin:


Thank You Leo, I took the survey :smile:


The survey is a shrewd business move because it gives them cover when the community counters anything that they propose. If they get enough input that aligns to what they do, they can point to the results of this online engagement. That’s probably why they ask you how you engage that area. They probably want to be able to filter the immediate neighbors’ and property owners’ input.


BTW the at grade rail crossing at Cabarrus has re-opened. There are stakes at the old train station and the site has been cleared but I’m not aware of anything going in there.


It appears that a traffic study is currently being conducted on W Cabarrus. I assume it’s for the Kane project, as the neighbors are definitely concerned about traffic impacts.


If they don’t add parking there will be very minimal (auto) traffic impacts. Just sayin…


There’s already limited street parking around there due to many houses apparently not having driveways. Some of the streets have street parking permit stickers because they had downtown visitors parking in front of their houses.


Properties on S Saunders, Rosengarten, Lenoir, and Florence have limited parking available. Many downtown workers started parking on Cabarrus, S Saunders, Lenoir and Florence all day (because it’s free) awhile ago, and residents had trouble parking near their homes. It wasn’t just visitors parking in front of their houses—there were literally no parking spots within two blocks of this neighborhood on a regular basis. It really sucks when you’re bringing home groceries.

For awhile cars were parking around corners, alongside stop signs, and in front of fire hydrants. The opening of the Dillon has helped ease this, but it is still the closest “free” parking to the warehouse district.

With the permit restrictions in place (which only cover residential-adjacent sections of S Saunders, Cabarrus, Lenoir, and Florence), visitors can park there for 2 hours M-F between 8-5pm and all day on weekends. Not completely exclusionary, but it does help residents or their visitors be able to park relatively near their properties during the week.

The city also discovered that parking in the area was like the wild west and decided to reduce some street parking where it made sense for safety around the Project Enlightenment property.


As I am not familiar with the “street level scene” in this area, let me ask this question. Are these Single family homes, town homes, condo’s or apt’s? I ask as why would the city or any other group provide on-street parking for residence? Color me confused? Please and thank you!


I’m sorry, I don’t think I made my point clearly. If the new development does not include new parking, people will not drive to it, resulting in very minimal traffic impacts. If the city makes the developer provide hundreds of new parking spaces, then there will be hundreds of new cars driving through the area daily. Parking minimums strangle the city.


If there is no way for their employees to get there, developers won’t lease space.


This location is literally 600 feet (2 min walk) from Raleigh Union Station.


most of these houses are 70+ years old


They’re single family. Some properties have no off-street parking. Those that have off-street parking may only have one space or tandem driveways that mean one car is blocked in by the other. The residents use the street parking a lot. Saunders is narrow, one-way, and parking is only on one side.

This is a small, old, relatively dense neighborhood. Saunders and Rosengarten are probably two of the most unique residential streets (well, Rosengarten is really an alley) in Raleigh.


I like your idea, but Kane definitely plans to have a huge parking deck in this development. They also plan to have a large number of residential units, and without decent public transit, those need parking to be marketable.


Which currently has only Amtrak running to it. Nothing else. Look, I get what you are wanting, but that simply isn’t feasible.