Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders, W Cabarrus Master Plan


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I’m curious if there is any more movement on this given the recent rumblings across Cabarrus between West/Harrington. Seems the Kane development probably had some influence on that new info of Cabarrus/West/Harrington.


We had another neighborhood meeting with Kane before the holidays (with nothing new to report), but I think the rezoning request is still in early review stages. They were going to redo the traffic study on Cabarrus because when they originally did it, Cabarrus was closed at the RR crossing and had been for awhile so traffic counts wouldn’t be accurate.

Per The Raleigh Wire Service:

Location: W Cabarrus St PD
Remarks: Submitted 9-28-18; under review until 11-1-18
Status: Under review until 1-31-19
Plan URL:
CAC: None

Status changed from “Awaiting applicant response to staff review (Nov. 2018)” to “Under review until 1-31-19”