Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders, W Cabarrus Master Plan

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I’m curious if there is any more movement on this given the recent rumblings across Cabarrus between West/Harrington. Seems the Kane development probably had some influence on that new info of Cabarrus/West/Harrington.


We had another neighborhood meeting with Kane before the holidays (with nothing new to report), but I think the rezoning request is still in early review stages. They were going to redo the traffic study on Cabarrus because when they originally did it, Cabarrus was closed at the RR crossing and had been for awhile so traffic counts wouldn’t be accurate.

Per The Raleigh Wire Service:

Location: W Cabarrus St PD
Remarks: Submitted 9-28-18; under review until 11-1-18
Status: Under review until 1-31-19
Plan URL:
CAC: None

Status changed from “Awaiting applicant response to staff review (Nov. 2018)” to “Under review until 1-31-19”


There is a 2.5 acre site on Cabarrus St that has warehouses on it now . A developer will renovate the existing buildings into a project like 1053 Whitaker Warehouse .


Hmmm wonder if this is 517 W Cabarrus?


If I hear anything on this , I will post .


Looks like it! Cabarrus West LLC own two parcels at 517 W. Cabarrus totaling 2.53 acres.


The only other place I can think of would be the Dupont Circle warehouses but I think some of those are part of the Kane property.


When I read that this property had been purchased, I got the feeling they may be sitting on the land as is, until it appreciates and either sell it, or develop it. I think what is currently there is only a placeholder for future (5-10 year) redevelopment as the property values increase.


I’m starting to confuse all of these new developments in the Boylan Heights area . . .

Not that I’m complaining, though — more development = more density.


Here’s all the things in planning for East of Boylan Below Cabarrus (EaBoBeCa?) I was listing them out to my wife this morning.

Kane’s tower project on Cabarrus, the Warehouse/Dock project (rumored), The Fairweather, the Fairweather related project (where the women’s shelter is), Dusty’s conversion into the BBQ joint,
Crafty Beer Shop on South (this might be dead), South Street Condos, Raleigh Architecture’s new office, 4th Ward Brownstones (corner of Dorthea/Saunders), S.Saunders.
Not to mention whatever happens at Dix and the Rosengarten Greenway project, there’s a lot going on potentially in this section of the city.


This warehouse facade is kind of cool.
The “warehouse district” so named, is very much in danger of losing most of its warehouse character so I like that other areas are retaining some warehouse-y ness. Clouds, The Creamery, Tobacco Road, Melrose Mill…those should be sticking around a long time despite what the district does. Sinking some money into 517 West Cabarrus and it proximity to single family homes might keep this somewhat small warehouse scale intact for our lifetimes.


The warehouses on Dupont are definitely not part of the Kane project, but they have recently come under new ownership (before the Kane project was announced).


I always thought that would be a great place for a little restaurant or beer garden. Not the best view currently but sure to improve with the Kane development


Great list! Would you also include the City Gateway?


I looked up Cabarrus West LLC on the Secretary of State’s website, and the two managers are David Clancey and Joel Clancey. Seems more like a restructuring of ownership by essentially the same owners rather than a sale, unless the property is under contract by someone else.


If this in fact 517 W Cabarrus (not much else it could be at this point), I like the idea of doing something like 1053 here. There have been various business tenants coming and going from this property for the past few years.

By the way, this property is directly adjacent to (as in, literally in their backyards) small, single-family homes.

Kane reps were at our neighborhood meeting this week. When asked specifically about this property, they indicated that it has some sort of protective overlay due to the proximity of single-family (i.e., with certain height limits, use restrictions, etc.). I can’t remember if they ever answered the direct question of whether they were planning to acquire/develop it. I think they didn’t.


On the vaguely related topic of leadership/planning for development projects (read: things that Raleigh and/or Kane could do in the future)…

I wonder if our/local residents’ wants and concerns could be made more clear (read: market analysis can be done better) if city projects worked more like startups performing needs analyses?


I went to the Boylan Heights Neighborhood meeting last night. The folks from Kane were there to present updates. Nothing really new to report – except for two things:

  1. There are real concerns from several of the neighbors about this project. Traffic and View obstruction are primary. If these same folks attend the CAC for a vote, there will be many No votes. As someone who supports this project, I hope that when this does go to the CAC (April or May?) that we will have other supporters in the room.

  2. According to Councilor Crowder, the state DOT has removed the West St extension project from its project list for the next two year cycle. It remains on the city’s priority list. It may pop back onto the state’s list in 2 years – but not before.


Kane is presenting for the Rosengarten neighborhood group next week. I think our group is more accepting of the project than some of the protectionists in Boylan, but we still don’t want to be walked all over. We know something is definitely going on that property regardless.

Disappointed but not surprised about the West St extension.