DTR 2020 : Year of Projects to bear fruit

2020 a new decade, Here is a list of projects I would love to see become a reality or in the process.

(1). Raleigh Crossing ( 301 )
(2). 121 Fayetteville
(3). Downtown South
(4). RUS tower
(5). Nexus Towers
(6) North Hills/Midtown Exchange note: not downtown related but seems to be at a steady pace with DTR.
(7) Smoky Hollow phase 3
(8) R-Line ( transit ) note: I would love to see the city keep the R-Line running as downtown continues to grow, maybe even see a shuttle line to North Hills to DTR.

I can only hope that the building momentum continues to grow well into 2020 or even 2021. But time will tell. Any thoughts, ideas, comments, or pics are welcomed


Happy New Year Everyone, welcome to 2020, as listed on the above topic, what are things that you would like to see become reality, any comments, developments that are in progress or finishing up etc. and what this decade will bring to DTR.


Happy New Year to you as well.
For 2020, I think that we know what we’ll likely see finished since it takes quite some time for projects to become a reality.
Smoky Hollow is clearly the most anticipated delivery of the year, and I think that its impact has the chance to be game changing. This includes the final completion of all of the road work in the immediate neighborhood.
We’ll also see the opening of the Origin Hotel, Fairweather (can’t wait for @OakCityDylan to invite us to a housewarming), and undoubtedly a series of new shops and restaurants that will continue to fill available space. Maybe The Willard will be completed in 2020, but it sure isn’t showing signs of that possibility yet.
2020 will no doubt provide us with lots of “development porn” as we watch the rise of Two Hillsborough and the Bloc 83 garage, Raleigh Crossing, the first phase of the Seaboard Station redevelopment, and The Lynde. We’ll possibly see the RUS Bus development and Nexus startt to rise as well.
Perhaps more importantly, we should learn a lot more detail about projects yet to come. What will phase 3 of Smoky Hollow be? Will there be a phase 4 or will Kane run into a roadblock as his team continues to acquire land? Will Zimmer get its rezoning approved and will the project be finalized? Will 400H finally move forward? What’s in store for CAM Block redevelopment? Will 121 Hillsborough get out of the gate before Nexus and 400H? What’s the real vision for Downtown South and the Gateway project that was recently rezoned? Will the new civic campus at Nash Square start to move forward? Will the corner of Peace & Boylan actually be developed as condos or will the property change hands yet again? Additionally, what steps will be taken for the DIX master plan, and will Devereux Meadows have a finalized plan by the end of the year?
This should be a really exciting year for Raleigh!


Thanks, John, could not have said it better myself, lots of projects for 2020, as you mentioned of smoky hollow and phase 3, Smoky Hollow and the entire Glenwood South will indeed be the focal point for DTR. time will tell for phase 4 of the project. looking forward to see the grand opening of Origin Hotel and near by retail around it. I think that Raleigh Crossing ( 301 ) will become next to give DTR a boost giving other Projects a HUGE momentum as well.


I am really looking forward to seeing the Municipal complex moving along. This project/block will be a direct connection from Raleigh Crossing to Nexus. Three continuous (diagonal) blocks of development. Heck… four if you throw in 400H in there as well (but I am less optimistic). I think if 400H gets delayed any more than it already has been, JK may buy it up and build Smoky Hollow Phase 6 or 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Smoky Hollow 4 being the Wake County Property south of Phase 3, Smoky Hollow 5 being the properties damaged by the Metropolitan (Phoenix) fire…


btw… your ‘smoky hollow phase 5’ site (215 N Dawson) will be before the phase 4 site (wake gsa). announcement should be coming out first half of this year. not necessarily Kane, but maybe possible? CBRE was soliciting/selecting developers I believe.


i don’t know if there’s a singular hotel i’m looking forward to, but i hope many of these hotel projects finally get going (I still don’t understand the delay in breaking ground on many of them). I hope the origin, in particular, takes advantage of the glenwood avenue crowd and offers late night dancing, lounging etc. similar to the unscripted in Durham. Hotels of these ilk seem to infuse vibrancy because you get a mix of out of towners, as well as locals looking for a chic environment to hang out.


With the Origin Hotel at the edge of Glenwood South near the warehouse district I believe that it is just the start of a vibrant activity between the two districts. But I still believe that Downtown needs a high rise Hotel…one next to the Convention Center. 25 stories tall at least.


The Willard hotel would also gonna long way to connecting this area, while adding a nice semi-upscale hotel. Anyone know if this is finally gonna get approved this month?


With Bloc 83, Willard, and (hopefully) 400H, the creation of place between places (between Glenwood South & Warehouse District) will be realized. This is something that I’ve been waiting for for years!!!


I had forgot about the Willard Hotel to add it onto the list, but yes would love to know the status of if and when the Willard Hotel will start building

East Whitaker Mill & the “iron district”

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I’m hoping Midtown Exchange will start to pick up the pace this year.


I hope so too, looking forward to see some development and construction.

Okay Guys, Four months into 2020, and so far, Raleigh Crossing, Glenwood 2, The Willard, Smoky Hollow 1 & 2, and The Walter Tower ( NH ). are being Build or in the process of. So far, the momentum is growing.


400H is in permit review. Comments from COR should be back soon


Didn’t someone mention that the developers for Nexus were eager to get rolling too? They wanted to take advantage of the cheaper loans/abundant contractors/etc and pull the trigger sooner rather than later?


My bullish predictions may come true…cheap money and plenty of it for foreseeable future


what’s typically the time frame for breaking ground after permit review? should i be thinking in terms of weeks or months?

I’d suggest months. I’m also a big fan of under promising and over delivering. Personally, I’ll be walking by daily for any indication of activity.