Expansion without Apple or Amazon


Heard word on the streets, they are both interested in SAS


Heard the rumor on this forum that Amazon was interested in SAS (the poster was kind of attacked after saying it). But a few weeks later I talked to someone who said Apple was talking about buying out SAS (the person who told me is in an industry that may have some reason to know, but I did not push them for more info)

I didn’t want to pry, but I thought maybe they had read the rumor on here and then got it confused and said Apple instead of Amazon. So, I kind of wrote it off as maybe just rumors getting twisted up as they’re passed around.

But now @Raleighwood says this and it has me wondering again.

Either way. Kind of interesting if it were to play out like this…

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For those that continue to blow off the seriousness of the threat our Legislature is causing that could derail Amazon or Apple’s interest in Raleigh…You may want to read this article. There are at least 4 others that have been written in the last 3 months regarding how our Legislature, namely the GOP is posing a potentially deal-breaking threat to either of these companies choosing Raleigh.


Not a lot of substance to the article. If HB2 were such an issue, Raleigh would have been eliminated awhile back.


Speaking of NC Economic Development, I think of more importantance is the GOP Legislature’s total disregard for the NC Constitution. First, “Amendment One”, now attempting to put their political agenda into the Constitution, by again using misleading text. Pass laws -OK, they can be repealed. Constitutional Amendments are difficult to roll back. This Legislature is a detriment to Tech development. Smith & Wesson loved NC, & opened a plant here.


You can go back and forth all day long if you want. If the GOP is in control, the Dem’s whine. If the Dem’s are in control, the GOP whines. There is nothing new about this. Apple and Amazon are shopping around to get the best possible deal. These companies are using the individual cities’ bids to whipsaw the other cites into giving away the farm, so to speak. There was an unbiased TBJ article about a month or so saying it takes time to hammer out all of the details involved in transactions such as this. Personally I think Amazon is using Raleigh’s offer to get a better deal elsewhere. I would be shocked if we landed Amazon here.


Are you suggesting the FREE STATE OF WAKE? We could legalize and then change the name to the FREE STATE OF WAKE AND BAKE.


Yes. The article somewhat showed both sides but seemed to be an attempt to cover their behind since they all but said the Apple deal was done.

I have some issues with the GOP in our state; however, to put all the blame on them when projects don;t come (while making the final cut), yet give no praise when they do, isn’t really being fair.



Here’s the difference SilentSammy. I’ve lived in NC my entire life aside from a short stint in NYC. I was born here. I have NEVER seen a situation (until now) where our legislature and their politics were EVER cited as a reason for losing business expansion. That’s the key difference. This is the only time in my 40+ years where our states political ‘so called leaders’ are directly cited by multiple outlets, including the companies themselves, as THE reason companies are not coming here.

If anyone doesn’t believe me, I challenge you to name a single other instance where companies publicly stated that a law, bill. ideology was the very reason their company was not coming to NC. In one stupid-ass piece of legislation North Carolina lost PayPal, DeutcheBank, Credit Suisse, and the ACC tournament, not to mention many unknown other corporate expansions in one swoop. This has NEVER…NEVER occurred before in the history of North Carolina…so YES, it is very different.


I completely agree with you. Obviously the current climate for businesses in NC is greater than I can ever remember. Sure we probably lost some businesses but that one sided singular evaluation of the economic success of NC is completely unwarranted. It only gives credence to one thing only and totally disregards all other things many of which are positive for businesses. At least many of us can look at the whole picture and come out with a more reasoned conclusion about what is really happening in our great state.

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Thought people might be interested in this story. Google adds 12,000 jobs in NYC without fanfare. https://www.wraltechwire.com/2018/11/08/report-google-plans-major-expansion-in-new-york-city/?fbclid=IwAR2Ni1DgQzx5nOL5O-tKbs2lRJ-_D8LQ85IeWU-pF_ACPndXFqp1xt6PLIg


Today’s TBJ is reporting that Raleigh is going after Two Mystery Projects !


Probably rumors of a future Amazon! :sweat_smile:


An agenda item for Raleigh City Council’s Nov. 20 meeting recommends holding a public hearing on incentives for the projects at “the first City Council meeting in January 2019.”
Raleigh won’t make the firms public until two weeks before the hearing. “Because we are required to have the public hearing by state law, we have to lay out the essentials for public review prior to the public hearing,” [city spokesperson John Boyette] wrote.
Local participation in both recruitment and incentives is required [to deploy investment grants], according to state statute.

Putting those together, IF one of those companies is Apple, this could mean that we won’t get the formal results of if/where they’re moving to until early January?


I heard one of them is a Chuck E. Cheese’s.


This is lending more to the rumor that Apple i going to S. Saunders


I didn’t realize this is even a rumor. I thought they were supposed to be targeting something on the Wake side of RTP?