Five Points and East End Market

Downtown Cary is happening !


Finally after many years!!! haha

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Except that new office building they built on Chatham is top market rates per square foot. I want to say it’s in the ballpark of $35 a foot which is right in line with a tower downtown Raleigh

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Since Dock 1053 has been mentioned here a few times, thought I’d also add there is an artist there, shop’s name is Glas, that does some cool stuff. Here’s some of their artwork

I really like the old mirror look. They also do a lot of art with neon tube lights. I believe they did the Dock 1053 signage. Anyway these pieces are in some local businesses (installed by me) so thought I’d give them a shout out, which is hopefully not against any rules.

Just to be clear, I’m not knocking this whole iron district concept, but I really don’t get the attraction of development to this particular area. Even this development that’s already been announced, it’s a block away from Waste Management. I guess I just can’t see the appeal.

It’s simple. Follow the young people. When they moved to the suburbs after WW2, burbs were coool. When they were going to malls, malls were cool. And so on…


Young people aren’t always right, though, as we’ve seen in the past.

. . . I say this as a young person myself. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Possibly not just “follow the young people”, but follow the people who have not settled down and had kids yet. They have the freedom to squeeze more enjoyment out of developments and nightlife, and prioritize that to an extent.

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Nobody is always right, but the young represent the longest view of the future.

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Thanks for sharing this map. A connection from Crabtree Boulevard to Whitaker Mill Road is a major opportunity that I hope is not completely lost.

I’ve seen a similar light industrial and rail adjacent area in Atlanta that is experiencing increased investment. There is an inherent struggle between building a more walkable and connected neighborhood or allowing development continue with the status quo.

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The whole swath from Glascock/Brooksside up to Gateway Shopping Center is turning fast. The houses were cheap and non rich young professionals showed up, bought some old places and added some nice touches. The sure sign that an area is peaking and its time to get out is when new houses and tear downs start to dominate. People with no original thoughts of their own eventually make an area dull. RE following the young, I think you gotta slice that up a bit. Artists, LGBT and service industry are the early stages of an area getting cooler. By the time the people who “heard an area is cool” show up, its over.


Noticed there was a rezoning request for up to 12 stories on a lot southeast of the new Wegmans between Wake Forest Rd and Atlantic. This is only the beginning for development between downtown and North Hills. Need transit now.


“Applicant is looking to develop the parcel with a maximum 5-story multi-family condo/apartment residential development.” [page 18]

Oh well, kinda boring same old same old. Still good news for the density. Costco will be more crowded.

Wegmans development originally included a 8 or 9 story hotel in the back, wonder if that’s still a go.


They are building something about that high behind the Autozone in the Trader Joe’s shopping center. Not sure what it is. I just see several cinderblock towers going up which I presume are elevator shafts.

Anyone want to take a crack at putting borders on this Iron District? Would you consider this section of Wake Forest Road in it? I figured it stopped at around Whitaker Mill.

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They cleared the small lot on the NW corner of Six Forks and Atlantic and a For Sale is up now. This is directly across the train tracks from the rezoning request above. It’s not that big of a lot, so Im not expecting anything that excites. I’m just praying it’s not a BK, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

What does PL signify after a zoning designation, e.g. IX-3-PL?

I found my answer:

“Frontages also depend on context. Urban General, Urban Limited, and Shopfront are intended for pedestrian-oriented streets, and generally should not be mapped along major streets lacking on-street parking or significant pedestrian volumes. The Parking Limited frontage will be most applicable to retail and office development fronting along thoroughfares. The Parkway frontage can be applied in suburban contexts where landscaping is the dominant urban design feature, but its use should be deprecated along urban corridors and in more transit-rich locations. The Green frontage will be primarily useful for office and multifamily residential areas.”

Any news or timeline on the Raleigh Ironworks?

Why did they ask for RX-12 instead of RX-5 or RX-7 if they only plan on building 5 stories?


I had the same question. The only reference to the 5 story was in a Pre-Application Conference after the actual rezoning document, which was held in September.

Maybe the their intentions have changed. Maybe there is another reason.

The 2030 plan has this location for dense residential with a recommendation of 5-10 stories.

After reading up on Residential Zoning, those numbers likely correspond to density, not height. So I believe this would be 12 units per acre. So at just under 10 acres, there will probably be about 120 units based on the designation.