Former Edison Office Tower

I really like Raleigh, But if in like 2-3 years, downtown still isn’t that filled in…I’m going back to Boston. And this kind of this just makes me feel like we are already doomed.

One thing that the City Council said is that “People are living here and moving here for the potential” And that gave me a lot of hope, but this kind of stuff tares it down.

Sorry to break it to you, but you should start packing. I first came to Raleigh in 1998… there have been significant changes, but no projects (with the exception of Kane) here move very quickly.

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I don’t want it to be Boston or Nashville. But these blank spots everywhere are just awful. Once again I misspoke. I do not care if it’s done. I just care that there are solid projects, more than what we currently have, by then.

I’d bet dollars to donuts they end up getting all those spots back before all is said and done.
There’s not much the city can do to try and get someone to develop the land. It’s just a shame that we allow so many lots to sit vacant while developers just squat on the land or things sit in approval hell.


The way that projects are on a rolling schedule, with some launching as others finish, I am not sure exactly what sort of action would excite anyone on this community board???
There are a lot of projects that have happened or are soon to happen.

  1. The Warehouse District has seen the completion of Union Station, The Dillon, & MSFH in the last year-ish. The BRT mixed use project is on the horizon as is the project on the CAM block.
  2. Site 83 is in full swing with the second “tower” launching that will transform the very south end of Glenwood.
  3. Smok(e)y Hollow and the north end of DT is a really big deal. With the addition of a possible 40 story tower in phase 3 and a possible phase 4 + the parcel across Capital, and Devereux Meadows, that’s a huge transformation over the next few years.
  4. The east side of downtown is seeing massive transformation of its urban neighborhood with infusion of new housing and Transfer Co.
  5. Seaboard is about to go under its own transformation soon as indicated by legacy businesses closing there.
  6. In a few days, Kane and Malik will announce their plans for a large transformational development on downtown’s south side to include a new soccer stadium worthy of a MLS team.
    The aforementioned doesn’t even include Edison, 401H, the city’s municipal campus, the new hotels announced, the N&O site, S. Kane’s project across the tracks from Union Station, or a host of other smaller residential projects around downtown that are happening or are slated for the future. What exactly is the expectation here?
    Frankly, I think that Smok(e)y Hollow is going to be a real trigger for downtown. It’s going to transform the daily experience of living in the greater Glenwood South neighborhood and provide a roadmap for the creation of more 18 hour urban neighborhoods.
    Barring a significant recession in the near future, I expect to see a lot out of the next 5 years.
    Glass half full here.

You would move to a city you don’t like because Raleigh doesn’t fill in a few blanks?


Give me a few minutes to write a good response. I am on a call.

Being upset there’s a huge gravel parking lot in the middle of downtown doesn’t mean I’m not excited about other projects. It’s just huge waste of space and an eyesore. It would be nice if Highwoods did something with the lot while they’re sitting waiting for a tenant to sign on to a building that’s at least 3 years away.
I also live near a huge pit in the ground that has been blocking street visibility and sidewalk usage for almost 3 years so I’m a little salty about developers just letting lots to rot.
(At least the highwoods plot isn’t in as bad of shape as the South Street Condos and the CitySpace Brownstones on S Saunders)


Nice to see that Boston’s Fallon Group is proactive here and have more in mind:

"But for now, Vuncannon is focused on the Triangle and looking for other development opportunities here. He said The Fallon Company is already pursuing opportunities.

“What excites us is the ability to add to this already exciting urban fabric, bring whatever additional perspective that we can to that, and just continue to help Raleigh with its growth over the next ten years and beyond,” Vuncannon said."


“We view (the Triangle) as this “best of both worlds” in terms of a stable yet high-growth market,” Vuncannon said.

^adding another important quote from the article.


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Just so that we don’t think we are alone in developers playing games and extending deadlines, here’s a snippet from a current article from thenextmiami webpage:

Developer Swire Properties has until December 2020 to break ground or the approval will expire. The developer can also apply for extensions, likely until 2022 at the latest.

A previous approval for the same height was applied for in 2013 and approved in 2015, but expired in 2018.

A second application was filed for in March 2018, following expiration of the first. Review took about 18 months and was granted on June 15.

Full article here:


Which meeting do I have to go to complain about the dust this gravel lot is creating? Can we try to stop the parking agreement renewal from going through?


You know, good point. The city should approve the parking renewal only if the developer installs some sort of improvement on the block in the interim while they fish for an office tenant. Literally anything would be better than a gravel dust bowl.


Really? This is a gravel lot? At nearly ground zero in downtown? That’s pretty rinky dink.

oh yeah. The nicest thing on that lot is the parking meter, which got it’s own concrete pad. Other than that, yeah, gravel and dust.


Behold the majesty of downtown’s gravel lot:

It’s really awful.


“Welcome to Raleigh Y’all!!” Come visit our collection of gravel parking lots in downtown.


That’s the worst one I think, but this one off McDowell is a close second just because of how big it is.

Seems like the city could force some kind of improvement to the Edison lot in order to renew the parking agreement. McLaurin just prints money around here.


I sort of remember when PNC Plaza (originally RBC Plaza) was a parking lot. We traded one for another after the old buildings along Wilmington were torn down. Photo from 2006.