Former Edison Office Tower

Looking at the picture …Ugh I hate hate when they put the bike lane on the inside of parallel spots… it’s just idiotic


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Highwoods Properties CEO is stepping down in September. I wonder how this will affect this property. For reference, 301H plans were derailed when the original developer’s CEO passed away.

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Screenshot of nearby developments page from CBRE marketing brochure for their 45 acre Hammond Road land.


“Your leasing agreement buys you the whole seat, but you’ll only need… THE EDGE

Here’s that brochure BTW:


My god this brochure gets so many things wrong. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Ugh haha


Right or wrong I hope it convinces somebody to develop that chunk of property. I’ve never understood why it’s vacant. I just hope they don’t plunk a car dealership on it or something like that.

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I walked pass this empty lot again and got depressed. It creates such an odd gap… Looking at google street view it wasn’t even that long ago that it must have been made into an even worse gap

there looks like some random store fronts I totally forgot about it has been so long


Certainly is a hole we’d like to see filled.
One nig I have on these Skyhouse projects is the lame detached garage.
The dreaded pedestal is better than that. But I think they do them all that way.

sad part is the company that owns it is headquartered in Raleigh and is one of the largest REITs in the nation. But they do have shareholders and ‘spec’ is probably not something shareholders would care for… Highwoods should watch the boston company who is building its tower across from Campbell “on spec” and learn from them perhaps. Highwoods certainly has more cash.


Maybe Highwoods is waiting for a unicorn client who will take the entire building before committing to a project there?


Maybe Highwoods should sell it to Kane Realty and we could have a 40 story building there in 2 years.


I’m sure they are but this is why it may sit for a while

Then they are shitty at doing their jobs since other towers in the city seem to fill up. :poop:

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Maybe a long while, because they have to compete against available now, or available in a few months as the tower is getting built, vs won’t be available for 2 years minimum.

Setting on dock watching the other ships sail off with you cargo cause will not commit to a schedule.

Idk, this could work out in Raleigh’s favor… let all these other lots get developed and filled up by new businesses, and then before the end of the decade when Raleigh is hot sh!t and a really really big company wants to build a HQ building here, Highwoods could get an offer they can’t refuse and build a 40+ story monster.

Pretty much. And Highwoods has enough going on as it is that they can just sit on this until someone comes along who wants 500,000 sqft of office. Highwoods has no reason to hurry and build.