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CVS destroyed. Not sure the extent but good chance it will be closed for a long time or indefinitely. Fayetteville Street can’t catch a break.


Rioters, Vandals, and Looters.

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I get that there is a problem with police brutality, but destroying cities and businesses is not the way to express frustration. Apparently fires were set inside the CVS and other businesses had windows broken, but there has not been too much looting apart from the CVS (as of 10ish).


This is beyond expressing frustration. This is part of a coordinated effort to destabilize our society.


Morning Times and Raleigh Times damaged. Unsure of the condition of Raleigh Raw or Apex Outfitters.

My father put it perfectly: the nation is falling apart.

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Check out some of the footage Leigh Tauss (@LeighTauss on Twitter) recorded on Fayetteville Street. I have no doubt there were provocateurs involved, as I’m sure is the case everywhere.

Much more than Fayetteville Street had been affected, but it has taken a beating. Broken windows in City Market, on Wilmington Street.

Looks like almost every business damaged.

Also, lots of infrastructure has been trashed, planters furniture, etc. :cry:

There are 40 million unemployed people out there, many without health coverage, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic. For a very large number of Americans the system has not been working, and there is no electoral option on the table to reform it.

There are often protests after cops kill another black man but the economic hardships have significantly increased the temperature in the room this time, and I fully support these people and hope they are able to coax some meaningful reforms for once.


I don’t think there is a sane person out there that would not view what happened to Mr Floyd as anything other than an atrocity. That being said, causing more people to be unemployed is certainly not the solution.


Peaceful protesters have morphed into rioting punks.


Clean up organized for 10 AM tomorrow starting at Morning Times.


…unless you spend your whole life being one simple misunderstanding away from being killed (in a way that’s nearly impossible for white people), and your life looks to society as if it’s a disposable tool.

If racist actions like what happened in Minnesota were isolated incidents, then yeah, it’s just a counterproductive expression of pure destruction. But the moment it even looks like a government-run lynching, you gotta start seriously considering how racially-motivated police brutality is a trend in the US -or at the absolute very least, people see it as a pattern.

It’s really a communication/perspective problem, since the frustrations the protesters are talking about aren’t being solved (and many people didn’t even believe it or take it seriously until recently).

Assuming they’re the same people. But anarchists have been known to sneak into these sorts of protests just to make shit go south, too.


There are similar riots taking place in virtually every major city. I have no doubt that these events are coordinated and orchestrated by groups whose purpose is to cause the respective city and the country in general, to plunge into a state of anarchy. They are taking advantage of the racial turmoil and focusing the raw emotion of the protesters into doing their bidding.


Thank god the apartments above the DGX did not catch fire, many ppl Live above that store and others that they try to set fire to.

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My heart is broken this morning. The protest started as a diverse show of solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color. It devolved into anarchy. We were up most of the night hearing the chaos. Downtown looks like a war zone. We need some serious leadership to heal and move ahead again.


That’s some pretty impressive organizing to orchestrate something like that. Durham did not have rioting, so the organizers couldn’t find anyone in Durham but could in dozens and dozens of other cities??? :thinking:

I think it’s more likely to be organic and mostly just emotions and frustration getting out of control. There may be those trying to purposely take advantage, but I would highly doubt that is organized or the large scale effort that would be needed to see the extent that some cities have seen with the looting.


Was anyone actually arrested?

Not that I am aware of, although a few were in Fayetteville at Cross Creek.