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A bunch of stores outside of downtown got looted. That’s not protest. That is “free stuff”.


Naive to think these protests would end any other way on a Saturday night.

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Any issues over at Transfer ?

Looks like MAB is holding a press conference.

I drove through this morning to see the destruction. It is unbelievably sad to see. What’s more unbelievably sad to see is the way black people are treated by law enforcement. Unfortunately a lot of the peaceful protests the past few years (Colin Kaepernick) did not change much, so maybe this is what they think they need to do to get our attention. I do know people who were there, and to a man they say that the protest devolved only well after the police started using tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets against peaceful protestors.

It’s good to see people helping to clean up today but if you’re more upset about your favorite restaurant being damaged than you are black citizens treated like second-class at the hands of the police (and all of society), then you are complicit and part of the problem. Leo, feel free to take this down if you think I’m getting too political, but I am not going to stand for this anymore. We all have an obligation to fix the systemic issues in our society well before a powder keg erupts like it did last night.


Damage stopped at Davie and Person. No one thankfully came down the hill. Did see one very small window broken but that was it.

I’m hoping anyone in this community who attended last nights “peaceful” protest were also there this morning with me helping to clean up. I started around 7am and just got back to the house, this is embarrassing, period. People were parking in front of my house with out of state license plates(SC, VA, MD) wearing “protest gear”. Also can someone post the link detailing police deadly force towards each race please I heard it’s informative for your argument.



I was downtown by 7:30 this morning and it’s an incredible amount of damage - but how could that much damage happen without arrests?

Were the cops that out-numbered?

What do the various security cameras show?

Did the protestors become the rioters or were others involved?


I know the manager at gravy. The security cameras showed people taking every liquor bottle off the wall and smashed them. Stole kegs, food out of the refrigerator, had time to remove the safe and throw it down 3 flights of stairs to break it open. It was lawless


did you take pictures of cars and people to provide to police. Seems from what you saw they came with full intent to loot and burn.

They are lucky doing this in US in most other countries they would be dead this morning.


I feel like Crying right now, in Just five months have I seen anything like this, First the COVID-19 virus sweeping the nation, and now race riots, I’m not even sure what to type here right now…( pause ).

:mask: :disappointed: :cry: :confounded: :scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:

Racism has been around for decades, and yet People of color have made profound contributions to our society, and to the world we live in. And I thought that with 2020 arriving, we are finally becoming a 21st Century society by Overcoming such discussing rhetoric, Barbaric hatred over a person’s skin color and Continued racist rant, handed down from one generation to the next.

I thought that we have risen above that? I have served in the United States Navy for eight years serving my country with honor and pride, and I find myself very lost for words. :us: Unless we get our act together and end Racism for good, end the spread of Covid-19 and fix this country ASAP…then we will fall into such an Abyss that we may never get out of. this post may get removed, so if I have cause any ruckus, my apologies :disappointed: :disappointed: :cry: :cry: :angry: :angry:, I’m just ranting right now.


Raleigh is the state’s capital. This played out in other capitals as well like Indianapolis, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, etc. That would suggest to me that (if it was) any coordinated effort likely focused on larger capital cities for maximum visibility.
Of course, this played out in non-capital cities as well that are large and have impact to their state and the nation: LA, SF, Miami, Philly, etc.
FWIW, I don’t believe for a minute that this destruction is related to the righteous and peaceful protesters that assembled to call for structural change to policing, racial profiling, and systemic racism in our society.


Between Fayetteville St, Wilmington St and Blount At, I’d estimate 80% of businesses have at least one window busted, most have several busted and looted. There are/were hundreds of volunteers out this morning helping.

I believe 15 arrests were made.

Police Chief said they stood back largely during the looting to keep the officers safe given the scale of the “operation”. Saving lives vs windows. I get that. Just not sure it makes me feel safer as a DTR resident. :disappointed:

Btw, we had a window busted at the West as well. Glenwood Ave looks to have been spared. Not sure about warehouse dist.


This looting and damage downtown is absolutely revolting. I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures and videos of white supremacist infiltrators trying to subvert the protests. White supremacist signs painted on vandalized buildings, white supremacists downtown posing for pictures, etc. And then this:

I feel like we’re being duped, and the fact that white agitators are coming from out of town to destroy our local small businesses that are barely hanging on after this pandemic (that is still ongoing) makes me completely disgusted.


Is anyone else having difficulty with the sound on this video? Is there a verbal exchange here?

Sorry, there’s no sound for the video

It’s absolutely sickening how people use such a huge issue in our country as an excuse to loot and infiltrate racist and revolting ideology into a country who is struggling in a time like this.


“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars." MLK Jr


Mayor looked weak in her news conference, like a deer in headlights look. Downtown business owners need confidence that their investments will be protected. I did not like the chiefs answer that insurance will pay for it…


The clear message of the peaceful protesters is getting lost in the criminal behavior of the looters and arsonists.

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