Nash Square Hotel at Dawson/Martin


The sale of the property has closed.



Thanks for the renderings. It looks like they’re demolishing the existing buildings? I don’t exactly hate this but I’m not ecstatic either. It is a great location for a hotel and the fake facades do homage to the warehouse district.


Yeah, it’s like #ordinary


$100 dollars says that that corner retail space will be left un-rented for years. See the L apartments. Sterile designs don’t attract hip business as well.


Since it’s a hotel I bet it rents. I’d guess on it being a coffee shop.


Do we know the brand yet?


True, but parkside views do? Right?


I like it! 9 floors is some good height transition here.


Thanks Greg for sharing these design photo’s !


The North Elevation tells us a lot when you notice how tiny the Berkeley Cafe looks next to it. It’s not going to be an insignificant addition to the Nash Square community.


My thoughts exactly. Good compliment coupled with 20-floor Raleigh city tower and 10-12 Clearscapes residential and whatever at N&O block.


From the application to the city for variances in the setbacks…


Dang I actually really like that


I don’t hate it… the brick will fit in with the warehouse district and the little cantilevered section gives it a little character … and Hotel Sign has a certain ring to it. :joy::rofl:


I’d die if it wound up being a boutique hotel named The Hotel Sign, and we think this is a generic rendering.

I also like it. Yes it’s a box, not a Gothic cathedral, but the warehouse elements actually help extend the Warehouse District borders a bit. I like the mid-level deck, the windows, and that it makes this boring and forgotten little corner suddenly much more dramatic. Now let’s get building!


Thanks Mike for sharing this ! I like this project !


This is a lot more than I thought they’d be able to do with this corner. I really like how they sliced some of the corner off of the podium, which gives you more sidewalk space and matches up with Parkside across the street. They really put some thought into this!


While I appreciate the nod to the Warehouse District with the brick and fenestration within it, I am very skeptical about the broader tower finishes. If those revert to synthetic stucco, then yuck! That said, I’d almost best my life that that part of the building will look just like the convention center Marriott. I’d also love to see some sort of sidewalk canopy along its two facades to improve the pedestrian experience. As of now, those dark “eyebrows” above the series of storefronts among the brick facade look more ceremonial and decorative than they do functional in providing shade and respite from the rain. Better street level experiences are three dimensional and this one currently falls flat as designed.


:joy: For real, I’d love for this to be called “The Nash Square Hotel” or “Nash Hotel” or something with a boutique name.