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Still Nothing about Plans for a tower on the news & observer site, if any. I know that any building height that consists of only 20 stories is the thing now, But at least Build one 40 + high rise. then build all off your 10 or 20 stories tall buildings you want, 400 H…20 story…300 H…20 City Hall. 20 story. Is there a pattern here ? Not saying its a Bad thing…But ? :thinking::confused::neutral_face:

AT&T building is rather an Ugly building to begin with, demolish it and put up a Modern high rise that stands out.

Need to build a High rise that will stand out like this tall tower as a example, but it seems that 20 stories is the way to go i guess, and that’s fine.

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Well, the “pattern” is that all those sites are zoned for up to 20 stories and DTR isn’t exactly bursting with demand for anything taller. Lots of good steady growth but there’s still plenty of underused space downtown and developers probably don’t want to fight about rezoning until it makes sense financially.


Here’s a short read about why the AT&T building downtown isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


Although I really like the middle to top part of this building, it’s the bottom that leaves me guessing about ground floor experience? Kind of looks like a monolith to the banking industry (aka, no heart)… :thinking:

Please Raleigh, don’t use this building as an example. It already looks dated in a really bad way.


Or at least make some changes to the Design to make it look modern and make it at least a 40 story tower that will stand out.

I came across this site, It would be cool if they build on the N&O site.

It’s hard to believe that December 1st was the one year anniversary of the sale of this property…sigh!
I guess since this team stated that they had waited 30 years to buy this property that we can’t expect a quick turnaround? Although, you would think that they’ve had already had plenty of time to decide what and when to build here?


For 2019, I hope to hear any news on this, Dec.2017 report.


Pretty shocked there’s been dead silence on perhaps the lot with the most potential currently in downtown. I thought for sure any details were just stalled waiting to hear what Amazon was going to do and yet still not a peep. No rumors no nothing. Crazy we were hearing rumblings before from the previous buyers of 40 floors and even this rendering was found but now, nothing.

Maybe there waiting for December and the 2 year anniversary? :cry::wink:


Well, there doesn’t really seem to be a strong market for taller buildings. We all know how long FNB took to get going and the re-imagined Edison office is mostly still rumors, just like 400H and 301. Combined with the S. Saunders, Exploris, and Kane Amtrak developments there’s A LOT of office space proposed and I’m not convinced the market can handle it all.


“Proposed”, being the operative word. I will agree with you more once I see any of the aforementioned projects actually start…:blush:

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What I was trying to imply was that I don’t think all of the proposed projects will actually get built (or at least not for an extended period of time) because the developers know the market can only handle so much at a time. I don’t think the market could absorb all the currently proposed space at once, so we should expect only a few projects to move forward at a time.


Actually if even 1 of these projects move forward anytime soon, I will be shocked!

Or put another way, leave out Pendo and Advance and what do you have…?

Leo , I could not find The N&O Post Site for this info. The N&O Plans will be submitted soon , height unknown , & demo of site should start sometime in the summer .


Fingers crossed we get a new signature tower.


Demo this summer sounds great! I just hope that lot doesn’t stay ugly and empty for too long thereafter. Hoping that plans are to keep the ball rolling. I would love to see a mixed use tower with significant office (possibly Pendo as anchor) and residential as well. 20 stories office and 20 residential maybe? Would be awesome!