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Help me out with something, Guys. Any word on the News & Observer site. I came across this pics but I had forgot from which site this was. Here is a Pic.


Sorry…the first Pic is burry…here is another Pic/


Here are the google image search results for the second image.


Nothing happening here right now. The owners are investors, not developers, so I wouldn’t expect them to move quickly. They’re in it for the right return. There are plenty of unbuilt towers with firmer details.


I will say it again, level that AT&T data center.
AT&T ruined that building.


There may be an interesting historic building beneath the facade, similar to Death and Taxes building.


Let’s see it!! I hate the windowless AT&T building. And it sits right beside the future City of Raleigh Municipal Complex and less than a block away from whatever the Noise & Disturber block gets redeveloped into. I really think this building’s days are numbered (at least in its current form). I never thought about an historic facade beneath what is currently there. I really hope you are right. I would love to see it someday.


I found this Goodnight Raleigh piece on the AT&T building. A very informative read in my opinion …


I know they can move this site, don’t care about copper, everything is moving to fiber and wireless, get out AT&T, plus, your service stinks.


Good find. A lot of cities have to deal with these windowless AT&T buildings.

Here’s Philly’s version.


Yup, have driven by that in Phil., another ugly AT&T site, and they are making billions on there service.
Move out of OUR downtown Raleigh, AT&T!