Peace at West (Smok(e)y Hollow)

Yes, everybody back off and go reread @OakCityDylan original post. Y’all are punching at shadows. His comment about being glad to not lose a view is honest, fair, accurate, on point, and not NIMBY at all. He is glad to retain the view but would be just as glad to have a 40 story tower there. Nothing wrong with that.


Understood. Thank you for the clarification and my words certainly aren’t directed at you then. :slight_smile:


I used to work in that building several years ago and really enjoyed my time there.

For what’s worth, I think staggering the highest buildings works better in a few ways…sure folks get views, but also it balances impacts to infrastructure a little, and also allows a well designed tower to shine and stick out where it can be seen. Can you imagine Hearst and BOA in Charlotte right up next to each other? It’d be a waste of all the design time and materials. I got the feeling Kane considers all of these things in his plans.


Agreed. Not every plot of land needs to be maximized in height. That would be its own special sort of Hell.

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Finds is gone, the last building to go


Awesome, my thanks!
I wonder if they will “move” the cam and let us see construction for this part of Smokey Hollow?

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If not, I’m still here!


I’ll be by twice a week as well. From the pedestrian perspective lol

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I know they said May timeframe for “starting” but this looks like phase 2 prep work. One tearing up a retaining wall and 2 more being delivered.


I’m happy with this!
I had seen conflicting reports between April and May, but once Finds came down I figured it was only a matter of weeks before they took down the rest.


It’s been a while since I posted a picture. Progress is harder to follow in this phase of construction. Lots of roof work happening on Peace bldg, the “thing” in front of the parking deck is in fact a ramp, continued soil remediation at Phase III lot, and a portrait picture so that you can see the beginning of pavement / slab removal in the foreground as well as heavy equipment ready to chew up a lot more for Phase II.


Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Here’s some from the east and north sides:


Check this out:

interesting nuggets on neighboring potential projects:

“Kane isn’t the only developer eyeing high-density development in that part of downtown. Developer Bobby Lewis hopes to add a twenty-story hotel across the street from the new Publix on Peace Street, and another developer, whom Crowder declined to name, might ask for a forty-story rezoning just across Capital Boulevard from Kane’s project.”


Haha I just posted this in the Elections thread. I can’t stand Crowder


Is our city council serious…


“They came and talked to me about it months ago, and I laughed,” Crowder says. “You always laugh when people ask for that much.”

Crowder is insane, and should be booted out immediately. My god.


Raleigh city council is a joke