Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


This 100%. Other cities seem to embrace this as their standard. We get the extremes. We seem to be working with the bookends of architects and their rich patrons (high end), or beige eddie bauer standards (low end but somehow still expensive).


I’ve thought more Phase II of this project and I’ve decided I don’t think I like the way that 4-5 stories of residential units are stacked on top of the entrances to the courtyard from West street. Combined with West at North this makes a 900 foot long uninterrupted streetwall along West Street. IMO the entrances under these massive skywalks don’t really break up the monotonous massing enough for me.

I’d rather have whatever units are built on top of those walkways, get put on top of the residential buildings to make them an extra story taller, or perhaps just left out entirely, and leave the courtyard entrances open to the sky.


Interesting idea - rough elevation edit…


Oh, and with 2 extra floors on north end…


I know its not gonna happen, but added some truss bridges to connect the buildings at the 6th level.


Can I get some of this rendering software you’re using?


I understand the intent of breaking up the scale, but to me, this kills one of the only things that makes the project stand out. That area with the glassy overlook flanked by sculptural columns and a thriving patio or bar could be pretty cool, especially if they actually do spend the money to fill the passthroughs with art like in the rendering. This is a condition that you don’t find in other apartment developments in Raleigh.

Otherwise it just looks like a generic apartment building broken into smaller pieces.


Is that a Phillips Seafood Restaurant suggested in the rendering?


Additionally this gives those new end unit apartments, one less wall they can hear people farting through.


From what I understand by looking at the site plan, there is a 30’ utility easement running through the site that forced Kane to arrange the buildings this way, leaving the open spaces at the ground level.


Can’t tell if being sarcastic, but its just MS Paint.


I’m guessing this is the buried culvert for the Pigeon House creek? Man, wouldn’t it be amazing to have this daylit and a creek running through the courtyards and then along the east side of “Peace apartment building”!


I actually had no idea Paint cold do that…my Paint stuff looks like a gchat doodle. But i’m an idiot. Cool, looks good.


The “urban canyon” feel to this area will be further reinforced whenever the high speed rail alignment is built.Untitled
The eventual viaduct is going to be about 1500 feet long, running parallel to West street, starting around North street and ending at peace street. Here is where I think money should be spent. Why not design an urban linear park beneath it? A daylighted pigeon house branch could run beneath it. North American examples of this are the Miami Underline

and the Toronto Bentway.


While not a rail line, there is an area beneath the I-95 bridge in downtown Richmond (actually Shockoe Bottom) they called the Cathedral. At one point in time (not sure if they still do this or not) they would light the bridge piers from underneath at night and it had a Gothic/cathedral-esqueness to it. There are/were pieces of sculpture hanging down from beneath the bridge as well. It was mostly just used for parking, but still a pretty interesting use of space.

Not exactly the picture I was looking for, but you can kinda see what I am talking about…


Here is a slightly better pic


The point being, I complete agree, if we must have infrastructure cutting through the City, which is a necessary evil, then we should make it something interesting and memorable. We don’t have any rivers or waterways in DTR, so we can’t have cool signature bridges like a lot of cities have, but we can make create a memorable experience for folks (visitors and natives) by creating our own interesting parts of town. (And achieve grade separation for the rail line as well. :slight_smile: )


I’m all for daylighting and trying to ‘unkill’ it, but just know at West St it starts between Tucker and Johnson and doglegs north behind “Finds”, and never stays next to West st. I wanted the future Greeway at Deveraux Meadows park to continue under Peace St (it’s raised high enough now, but got a culvert without an extra conduit for a greenway), follow a stream bench along daylighted creek next to Publix and join the bikeway on West. That bikeway would then take you straight to Dix via the future West st tunnel under the tracks at Union Station.


I realize that the creek doesn’t naturally follow West street, but since the city wasn’t interested in restoring it with the Kane project, maybe it could be realigned slightly and incorporated into the railroad project whenever it eventually happens.


As an alternative, the viaduct could be built with small commercial/retail spaces underneath which could be leased by small independent companies/brands. With the trains running on top, the rent would naturally be cheaper than in regular buildings. Something like this… image