Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


It appears that the new square exit off of Capital Blvd is now open…


The Peace St bridge captured another truck today - and this time it was a Beer truck!

All this work down here and this remains a problem. Hate seeing wasted beer!!


Dilly Dilly! Seems like it happens to one truck a month. You think they would make the flashing sign larger by now :thinking:


When a truck carrying heavy machinery hit CSX’s North Salem Street bridge in Apex this April, it destroyed the bridge. The railroad actually wound up replacing the bridge’s beams with something that increased the clearance by several inches (guessing here - six or eight?) Given that it is obviously not that difficult, since it took four days, and that six or eight inches would make a huge difference in places like this or Gregson in Durham, I wonder what the heck is the hold up? Why don’t they just fix the problem?


That’s not beer… :smiley:


LOL @DillyDilly

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I thought it was time for a new picture. A few updates:

  1. They have paved the Johnson Street extension that connects it to Harrington, but according to the Kane representative that was at the meeting a few weeks ago, this will not open until the Publix opens.
  2. There is a new fence around the Rollins Cleaners, etc buildings. I’m guessing they are coming down soon but I’ve been wrong about that twice already :roll_eyes:
  3. I think they have six stories built out at The Peace building and one+ floor of the parking deck. They pour concrete over there a lot! According to the same Kane representative, there will be one level of parking below the Publix for Publix shoppers and the parking deck will be for residents.
  4. The old Peace Street exit from southbound capital is completely gone.


Rumor has it they’re looking to potential he re-zone phase 3 440 stories.



What am I missing or are you saying…? Please and thank you! It’s a rough Monday…Lol


I think he is saying 40 stories. Which would be neat for a mixed use, and make a statement. That would be Kane’s beacon, plus, it would give him the know how on how to do any potential 40+ story buildings in North Hills, which I am sure he wants after his 32 story one.


So sorry. Voice to text on my phone and didn’t check my response. They’re considering requesting rezone for the phase 3 lot for 40 stories. 440 stories would have been quite aggressive!


No need to apologize. I should have guessed. But like I said…it is such a Monday for me…Lol
Thank you so very much! And wouldn’t that really be awesome if JK actually were to delivery something awesome for DTR…:heart_eyes:


So does anyone know about the Harrington and Johnson piece of land that could be phase 4?


That is a big chunk of land… any details or rumors about this “Phase 4”?


None that I have, I am curious if there has even been an attempt at land assemblage there?


Do you mean the Wake County GSA facility at 401 Capital? That’s 6 acres in one contiguous parcel, and I have heard that Wake is somewhat interested in relocating those operations out of downtown. But the county would have to be out first and that sort of property sale would either need to go through an upset bid auction process or else some sort of RFP so it is unlikely to move quickly.


Does anyone happen to know in which part of the structure currently under construction is the grocery store planned to locate? Peace side/Peace & Glenwood/etc?


The entrance to Publix will be on the Peace St. side, based on the renderings.


It’s about 47,000 square feet as I recall. An average full service grocery store footprint. I think it’s the whole first floor (if you consider the ground level (parking) as the “basement”).