Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


This is a nice angle of phase 1 from across Peace Street. Snapped this a few hours ago.


Leo, great pic but it’s small. Would be great to have a bigger version display when you click it.


From Peace and Glenwood


Working on level 9… and 2 too go…?


If it’s on 9, then yes, two to go.


From the corner of Peace and Harrington, they have poured the floor of 10 and are starting the floor of 11 (ceiling of 10).


So this makes me wonder if the number of 11 floors only going to be on that corner? :thinking:


Don’t builders do something when they “top out” like raise a flag or something?


Usually a pine tree…


Thanks for that. I’ll post a pic when I see a pine tree🌲 over there!


I’ll get a close up with the drone on a Sunday (site not occupied) so we can tell what kind of pine it is. LOL


I think that Saturday is supposed to be the “less rainy” day/option?
But please and thank you!


I’m out of town until Jan 4th so maybe that Sunday though I think there’s snow in the forecast for that weekend? lol


I’ve seen your photography. We could count the needles on the pine tree. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As The Peace has gained its height, I have better realized the impact this will have to the look and feel of Downtown. While it’s not the 40+ floors that many of you want, it will really make the approach to downtown on southbound capital a different feeling. And heading west on Peace coming from Oakwood is quickly getting a different feel.


Glenwood South is on the cusp of going to the next level of urban neighborhood. Expect huge change over the next 5 years.


I think so as well. I think there will be an overall gentrification of the area with the bar/party crowd shifting somewhat into the warehouse district.


I certainly hope so. Though 5 years may be a bit soon unless they squeeze in a few more mixed use taller structures. :blush: :crossed_fingers:


Or the economy will tank and nothing will get built for another lost decade… #debbiedowner