Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


I mean, let’s be real. Nearly all new restaurants have pretty substantial bars, and places like FiveStar transform their identity between the two on a regular basis.


And also a dangerous new opening for already pretty stupid blue light laws in this State. Next thing you know, the bars will be banned within a certain number of feet of churches.


I agree. Also they could limit the hours till 11pm or something or couldn’t play loud music. There’s also trains across the street…


I agree. It wouldn’t have been my solution to the problem at all. But I have a feeling that the Club Bodi morass probably contributed to this poor solution.


Apparently Raleigh doesn’t have the escalating fine model because the owner of Club Bodi gladly paid his fines repeatedly. Then he turned the club into a gentlemen’s club (after 2) and the music didn’t stop at 2 anymore, but the alcohol was supposed to. They were caught serving after 2 (and possibly to minors), and that’s the only thing that got them shut down. This was after several years of fine-paying!


Raleigh has noise ordinances that are supposed to prevent loud music after 11, but the owner of this place just paid the fines and continued on. The ordinance was ineffective. The city should revisit it with a model similar to what John mentioned.

The trains don’t create continuous thumping noise for 6 hours straight. We hear them, but they don’t bother us. I actually like hearing them.

Sorry to completely derail this thread!

Glad that we’re one step closer to having a Publix (there, brought it right back!)


I think I would’ve burned the place down. That’s ridiculous!


was the pun intended?


Deb , I too love the sound of a train & their whistle . Would love to live close to a track ! When camping @ Asheville KOA East , we hear the train 3 to 4 times a day/night . Love it ! Also The Swananoa River runs thru the campground & hearing the running water is super ! They also have camping cabins .


Also derailing…the Hot Springs campground in the town just north of Asheville, is right next to the tracks. The town also is an AT town. Only one block of downtown but still worth a visit and a soak (soaking costs money unlike all the free stuff out west). Fun fact…Truth or Consequences New Mexico (also a fun fact with that name) every person in town can have their own natural hot spring just by drilling a well…the entire aquifer is heated. (I’m done now…)


Here are some current shots of the Kane/Sleepy Hollow project. For a deeper view into the amenities area check out the album link below.


You are awesome!! Thank you! Love being able to look down into the center.


WOW !!! :smile::+1::+1: Great photos


Looks like only 1 more floor left?


Two more stories to be built still


I wonder when the Publix will be open here.
I recall the excitement of going to the two-story Harris Teeter at North Hills.
It’ll be interesting to see how convenient the visitor parking is to shop here.


I look forward to walking there. I might even go get myself one of those folding, rolling personal carts for carrying home things that I can’t otherwise carry the two+ blocks home.


I think parking at a downtown grocery store is always more challenging than a suburban location, but people will adapt. I’m sure lots of people will complain about the experience but complaining about parking is like the national pastime for people who live in downtowns.


The people who complain about such things will avoid Publix like the plague and we’ll all be better for it.


My understanding is that the Public parking will be downstairs from the grocery and I’m assuming based on that, the parking garage being built is for the residence and not the grocery store. This is coming from an official build plan that was submitted that my wife has access to via her commercial property tools. I’m sure somebody in this forum could pull up the same info.