Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


I don’t expect the parking experience to be much different from HT at North Hills. It will also be like the experiences that I am used to in South Beach where parking is on top of the stores in 2 floor decks. The best thing about these types of situations is that you can park and shop during the rain and not get wet. So, it’s not all bad!!!


@xtremetoonz is correct based on the Kane meeting I went to. Grocery parking will be on the bottom level with several entrances and exits. The parking deck is for residents. I will let you know when I see a :evergreen_tree: appear.


As excited as I am for this project, I must admit that the West St. sidewalk frontage is rather disappointing. Blank walls and a parking garage?


That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing about the Harrington frontage when I drove past.


They’re both sort of lackluster. But I’m willing to forgive it because it’s finally bringing a grocery store downtown (and not like an Aldi, but something good). And because of the next 2 phases of the project, which will be much more pedestrian experience oriented.


I, for one, would love an Aldi downtown!


I love ALDI…they have some pretty cool stuff…the nearest one is at Wake Forest Road, Just outside the beltline past Duke/Raleigh Hospital


Yep. There’s also one in the other direction in Garner. For me, it all depends on what else I am doing that requires me to get in my car.


Well,…the No.# 2 goraleigh Bus passes by the ALDI on Wake Forest Rd, so I go there sometimes for their items, even the pastries there. :cake::pie::custard:


According to earlier renderings, it appears that the Harrington facade has a canopy entrance to Publix. Similarly, there’s one on Peace as well.
As for the West facade, I am curious how the sidewalk will interface with the building on that first level. Will there be a planting strip to put up some trees to screen the wall? If done properly, I am not terribly concerned with the West facade since there are apartments and windows directly above it. It just needs to be landscaped properly.
Regarding the entire facade, I was comparing the earlier rendering with that sample wall photo and it has me scratching my head. The rendering tells us that the project will be sleek and modern, while the sample wall looks like a neo-suburban hodgepodge of finishes.


Assuming I’m properly orienting myself (haven’t seen the site in person), there’s art going there.

I’m not sure if up-to-date renderings have been posted in this thread or not, but the design was revised somewhat after much of the renderings showed up in media. Here’s the latest on Cline Design’s website.


I attribute this to the basic idea that big box business and downtowns don’t really mesh well together. I applaud getting a grocery store downtown and it being part of a mixed use building, but big box is suburban style business modeling. I think back to a trip to Athens where the main street had businesses that were super specialty. One place just sold digging stuff. One just power tools. One just socks. It was amazing, and closer to turn of the century america.


The site lot on Peace St. where the cleaners were located is not owned by Mr. Kane . The developer has requested a rezoning with the city for 20 to 40 stories for his project . Where Rollins Cleaners was .


I thought that phase 3 was in partnership with Kane, or at least there was some sort of business relationship.


John , I’m not sure on this . I will ask my friend .


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John , He does not know the developer because it is a LLC Group so not sure if they are working closely with Mr. Kane .



Isnt that phase 3? Where Kane was rumored to ado a 40 story tower?


Robert , It is where Rollins Cleaners was located .


And that was where the Kane rep told us it was phase 3. So, yes, it’s the same property. This is why I (and perhaps others) are confused. The Kane guy definitely talked about it like there was a link to Kane. Maybe Kane sold it off to someone else who wants to develop it in a more expedient manner?