Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


I remember this meeting.
Looking back at this slide, it only makes me wish that there was a phase 4 to the east of phase 2.


The tracts where Rollins Cleaners and Finch’s Restaurant were located are owned by Chaucer Investments LLC. One of the Mangers of that LLC is the president of Williams Realty and Building Company Inc. I recall that the later company was a partner with Kane in assembling some of the land along West Street.


Yes! Williams Reality was the partner that I remember hearing.


Williams Realty is the “other half” of the whole Smoky Hollow project. (The crane has both Kane and Williams on it). I have no official information, but as I understand it adjacent adjacent property owners (me) are getting notice of the hearing on the variance very soon.


Glad you got notice of a hearing. I can’t say that this has reliably happened for all of downtown when adjacent property was developed.


@John, I heard that we were getting notice. Nothing in the mail yet.


He owns it with Williams Realty I believe.


Making a lot of progress at the Peace and Smoky Hollow. Notable:

  1. I think the last floor is beginning at Peace. No pine tree yet.
  2. The parking deck is making good progress.
  3. The first demolitions are beginning for Phase 2 of the project. Note foreground and lower right side of picture.


Awesome pic, thank you! And you are correct, the floor of the top story is being started now in the top left corner. I didn’t know the demolitions were starting already, that’s great!


That little waggle at the north tip of Harrington is really bothering me now…someone talk me down…


What of that little sliver of land to the east of capital, just south of the bridge? Is it to be part of the greenway, exit, or just open land? It may be too small of an area to build on, but it sort of opens things up a bit like Phase 3.


East of Capital, and south of Peace will be a new “road” of sorts that will act as both the exit from Capital north to Peace Street, and the “road” that will take you to the Cotton Mill before re-entering Capital to the north of Peace. I am not sure how much developable land will remain along that new corridor for development on the south side of Peace.


Interesting in the picture you see North Hills tall buildings, the new 32 story building will really pop out and be seen from this angle. First floor already going up on it in NH.


They haven’t started the 32 story building at NH yet. That is the 20ish story building beside the 32 story building they are just starting now. I just drove by there this morning. :slight_smile:


I had assumed DOT was taking everything to the railroad ROW, but I am basing that on nothing…
Edit: here is the map…There appears to be a substantial chunk of land remaining but the ‘historic boundary’ around the turntable extends out into it quite a way. I don’t know if that is an official do not disturb boundary of some sort or what…never seen such a thing noted before.


That’s a good question. Activating it by this new road may prove challenging, but we’ll see what happens. This exit/road thing is a bit of an oddity. Is it an exit? Is it a road? When I went to the final presentation of this design, I asked officials if it would have its own name or not. They were intrigued by the idea. I think it may prove challenging for Cotton Mill residents to give instructions on how to get to their homes after the interchange is finished since they currently have an address that’s north of Peace Street, but will have their access to them at a point well south of Peace. If it was treated as a road, then there can be an announcement of it as an exit off of Peace. These undeveloped properties would also have that address if they were developed.


You also get a nice view of DTR from the upper stories of those NH buildings, albeit from a distance.


I’m glad you asked them about the separate name thing. It sort of breezed thorough my mind but I didn’t linger on it. To be the most use to the Cotton Mill and the vacant parcel in the SE corner, it’d need to be two way over most of it as well…not sure if that would be too wonky…anyway, won’t happen I am guessing.


Ok, thanks, have not been inside the property, can’t wait for the tall one ascend soon.


Nick, pix or it didn’t happen :smile: