Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


haha. Just trying to stay out of trouble since NH is a taboo subject here. :slight_smile: There is a webcam online if you are interested.


And POOF. In two days the old BOE building is no more.

Leo, is there a way to put a “sticky” (a link or other data that one can find instead of scrolling through searching) with a topic? In this case, what I am thinking about is construction web cams that people may want to view like this one:


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That should be fine. Thank you for all you do for this forum. So useful and interesting to so many people!


Very cool, they have already demolished the spot for the low rise office building.

Has anyone heard anything new with phase 2?

For reference;


Was wondering if they will Build a taller tower next to Phase one ?:office::hotel::department_store::post_office:


They have torn down 90% of the building to the west of the BOE building in my picture above (as of 1-19 at 3p) and have started initial demo of the building to the south. The owners of units in the West got a letter this week about some minor code variances they were looking for in Phase 2 (like they wanted 16 foot long tree planters instead of the city required six feet). The last I heard they wanted to begin construction in the June timeframe.


June is what that representative said at the public meeting @Hampton Inn & Suites back in Oct.


Haha we might’ve been there at the same time today. Finds is gonna be demolished any day now. Stopped in and got a few things. Whole store is 40% off, I’d recommend stopping in. Anyways took these pics where buildings used to be


@GucciLittlePig I was actually in the building in the background of your picture. In case anyone wonders about the yellow areas of The West (and the work that has been going on), we are having some building envelope issues (leaks) repaired.


Haha nice! And I was wondering about that lol


Smoky Hollow phase 2 has city administrative preliminary plan approval . Will be a while for building permits because of utility relocation .


I was thinking the forum had a topic devoted to the bridge replacement project but I couldn’t find so I am posting here.

That faint slapping sound you may have heard this morning in the vicinity of DTR was my hand hitting my forehead as I noticed that some graffiti artist has worked his craft big time on the west abutment wall of the new Wade Avenue bridge. As you travel on the new entrance ramp leading to the bridge look left across to the west and you’ll see it. The “art” is painted completely across from one side of the abutment to the other.


What…are you not able to whip out your phone at high speed on a curving roadway and snap us a picture?
/s for the sarcasm deaf…


How could “he” have had time to do that with no police surveillance? I slide through one stop sign and I get a ticket!


You mean this Picasso? It’s been there about a month, before the old bridge was removed.

At least the “artist” was discreet and didn’t incriminate himself by painting his name, that would be stupid.
With the close proximity to the new greenway and how easily visible this is to traffic, it would be the perfect location for a




Went to meeting at the Dillon last night about the forthcoming rezoning request for Phase 3 of the Kane-Williams Smokey Hollow project. Lots of folks from both teams in the room. Great group of guys and a solid presentation. Confirmed the request for Phase 3 will be to rezone for 40 stories! Exciting news IMHO.


Hope that means an actual 35+ story building but doesn’t help Raleigh gap tooth skyline. We really need N&O site to bear fruit.


Agreed that I want to see something awesome at the N&O site but when it comes to skylines, I honestly wouldnt mind for the skyline to spread out more before filling in. It sort of stakes the claim for a larger downtown. If a 40 story gets built here, it sends an invitation to build even more of them between here and Fayetteville Street.