Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


That’s good news. I’d love to see some more tall buildings outside the tiny Fayetteville St corridor. It will definitely make an impact and create a nice gateway to the city. Did they mention anything as far as timelines? For that matter, what is the timeframe for Phase 2, since they’ve already begun demolition?


They went through a very detailed look at Phase 2 in terms of site plan and it seemed like there was a real emphasis on preserving walkability from Tucker through to Harrison and some north/south walkability as well. I didn’t catch when all that was scheduled to start, however. As for Phase 3, it sounded like the request to the city was imminent but beyond that, nothing else was shared as far as timing. I was told that in the near future there will be a CAC meeting during which this request will be discussed. I will make sure to share date and location of the meeting when I receive this information.


They pitched the same walkability narrative in the meeting back in October where they discussed opening walking traffic through Tucker to Harrington. I’m glad that they are sticking with that plan! Up until now, that super block bounded by Harrington, West and North was a walker’s nightmare.
If I remember correctly, there would be one way vehicular traffic through the project @Tucker St. that would serve as access to garage parking for the project.
Phase 1 & 2 are going to be game changers for Glenwood South.


I have been thinking over the balancing act, and have recently decided that gap toothed is better for the street level environment. One 40 story per block with a supporting cast of smaller, possibly older buildings snuggled up around it. Think 40 stories behind Berkley with Berkley and Whiskey Kitchen being the places people in that building go for lunch. Balances out the impact on infrastructure better that way too.


Looks like they’re on the 10th story now.


…Boy, that parking deck. Woof.


Great picture, thank you!
But I think that there on the 11th floor (technically)…?


Maybe we are both correct they are working on the 10th and 11th floor…? :grinning:


Phase 2: Two buildings completely down and hauled off. Third building demo started this morning. Fast progress!!


The 10th story is almost complete. One more story to go.

And I know no one likes parking decks, but I think it’ll be fine once the whole 3 phase project is done. Right now it’s all just concrete and recently demolished land.

Also, the store Finds that is on West St just out of webcam range announced next weekend is their last weekend open because the demolition plans have been accelerated. That’s the only thing in the entire project I’m sad about losing, especially that mural.


It looks to me like the rebar they’re putting up at the top level has a 90 degree turn at the top suggesting that will be the roof they pour next. A very uneducated guess from a computer engineer. Lol


Sure passes the common sense test. The current “top” is sure different than the others.


Check out NH year end review - towards the end also featured are Peace, Smokey Hollow Phase II with a nice rendering.

Interesting side note: the 32-story walter is anticipated to start construction 2019


I wonder why there was no mention of the 18 Story Cardinal expansion?


Not being built by Kane.


Oh ok well I guess that makes sense.


I think the Finds concept would be a good fit down in the warehouse district. Any word on if they plan to reopen somewhere else?


They said they planned to reopen somewhere but didn’t know where yet, especially since the demolition has been accelerated


That’s good to hear!


How many times do we hear about plans being accelerated in downtown Raleigh?


Never. It’s always delays lol