Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


TBJ is reporting that Kane is requesting a verience on the 12 story cap to be updated to “up too” 40 stories on the Phase 3 of this project. I wonder if this could be the new home for Pendo?


Not unless Pendo plans on moving in 2023 or beyond.
From the article " they don’t plan to begin construction on phase three until the first two phases are completed."


Yeah I highly doubt it’s for Pendo. Pendo made it seem like they were pretty much ready to pick a site and developer for a new tower first quarter this year. Phase 3 tower is probably a few years off at best.


And to manage expectations of the folks that want as much height as possible, zoning is 12, 20, and 40. Going for 40 means they want more than 20 and UP TO 40.


Exactly. Though it does sound like they want it to be significant as the northern entry into downtown, that doesn’t mean they’re rezoning request is 40 stories by default. But hey I’m happy with anything over 20 stories right there and am glad it’s with a developer that gets crap done.


I’m ready to predict they are topping out on the Publix / Peace project. Based on the most recent rendering I could find (below) it looks to be 11 stories atop a one level parking garage. At the corner of Peace and West (foreground of pic below), it will appear 11 stories yet 12 stories at the corner of Peace and Harrington (Left side of pic below). @xtremetoonz observered the rebar st right angles in the level they are working now. Another clue.

Current pic as well…from the backside looking North.


The new section of the Capital Blvd bridge over Peace Street opens this weekend. It’s nice to see this milestone progress on this long project. This time next year, we’ll be seeing the completion of Peace (phase 1) and significant progress on phase 2.


Here’s a video about it. Says it’s a month ahead of schedule.


It’s going to really interesting to see what they do next and how they solve for access to the properties on the east side of Capital Blvd between Peace and Wade while the project is completed.


Will we still get that artwork on the side of the bridge?


I think DOT has incentivized projects that finish ahead of schedule in the past so perhaps they did that here. Very few contractors put the resources into finishing early (a handful do like Ruby Collins as that is their way of making money is finish stuff bang bang and move to the next one), though maybe the rain days came in way less than was built in to the contract.


That is doubtful considering 2018 was the wettest year on record for NC. It’s probably a bonus for finishing early


I think it’s safe to say we are looking at the last level of concrete pour (roof). Lower floors have rebar that extends to the next floor.


And Phase 3 aerial plot with Capital Blvd/Peace St bridge construction progress. Currently southbound traffic is shut down and will reopen on the new section of the bridge tomorrow morning.


Where is the pine tree? :evergreen_tree:


I bet once they get the slab poured they’ll get it up.


Great photos!!!
When were these taken? The new Capital bridge is supposed to be open for Monday AM traffic and it doesn’t look ready for that!


They were taken around 11:30 am.


What’s that round grey pit in your last photo? Would be nice if was a tower crane base but that’s not possible at this point…


Interesting thought but doubt it. I wish I had read your post earlier as I was just going by there and could have gotten a close up shot. I think it’s some kind of fill material.