Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


This is the former Rollins Cleaners lot. It appears to be part of the soil remediation process.


Phase II plans just hit the wire service. The parking deck appears to be the tallest portion of the residential building even though they are providing less than total req. Spaces (706 vs 755).

Have not had a chance to dive in. This is a massive project.


Portion of the new Capital Blvd bridge opened today.


Link? Also this Post is required to be 20 characters.


WRAL really made it sound like the whole project was done, which we all know, was not. Anyway, I just think their reporting is among the worst and yet I keep going back…


Lol same. I want to see timelines with milestones, like demolishing the other half of the old bridge, finishing the replacement, and the landscaping at artwork being done.


It’s in the Raleigh Wire Service, the latest post. Here’s the link to download the Site Review Case


A good sized project no doubt. :blush:
And the city of Raleigh and DTR specifically should be proud, but massive is streatching things a bit… imho


Please provide link. (exactly 20 characters including spaces and punctuation for future reference :wink:)


Couple of photos from this morning. Once all phases are completed this project will be a game changer for this area.


Half a million sq. Ft :man_shrugging:


I have to tell you the work done over the weekend was incredible. They worked almost 24 hours a day. They painted last night at 10 pm.


I’m shocked that it got done. I am looking forward to the next drone shot of it!


Glenwood South will become as close as there is in the city to a fully functioning urban neighborhood. Now I want to see a multi-screen cinema in either phase 3 or in another project nearby.


You really want that multiscreeen don’t you? I would like to see that too.


I’m going to keep saying it until it happens. :wink: I’m going to will it into existence.


I’d honestly go to the movies 10 times more than I do in a year if it were right down the street in Smokey Hollow.

Additionally, I think this project reminds me of a scaled down Epicenter.


Out of the 281 units, 70% are either studios or one bedroom. Only 5 units are 3 bedroom. It looks like they’ve laid out 12 retail spaces, if they don’t further subdivide it.


I can walk to the movies from my place in South Beach. Believe me, when it’s convenient, you go more. To top it off, if you can walk to dinner, then to a movie, then to a bar, you have a full evening on foot.


I bet the hesitation is square footage and parking. But with the decks and the new smaller format theatres (wirh reclining seats), they should be able to make it make sense. And it draws people in for dinner and drinks!