Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


It doesn’t need to be small or intimate. The Regal in South Beach is 18 stadium seated screens, has a full blown VIP suite of theaters, plus IMAX and ScreenX. Other than the ticketing area on the corner at the street, the whole thing is built on two tall levels above other retail spaces.
Oh, for clarification, “Lincoln Road Mall” is a pedestrian mall like Fayetteville Street used to be.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see that in Seaboard’s ultimate remake. Alamo is also pretty nice, but of course, not downtown, just ITB…but downtown east and movie nerds galore keep it very busy. I can easily ride my bike there from Hargett/Tarboro.


Whatever they may build, I think we have the density (or will have) to support it. Keep the faith @John.


Agreed @R-Dub , we do/will have the density with several hundred new apartments in phase 1 & 2, plus all the existing supply in walking distance from the Warehouse District through Glenwood South and the periphery.
I’d prefer that any theater be located walking distance to the most number of people. My fear of it going to Seaboard is that more people would end up driving there because it’s just mentally out of reach by foot to so many. I say mentally because the two underpasses (Capital & CSX) are some sort of force field to the average person. I actually do walk to Seaboard, even though Peace is such a wide, non pedestrian friendly road east of Glenwood.


I agree @John. I used to live behind Seaboard and downtown was mentally “over there”. I’m hoping the new bridge and improved lighting will help that. The walk under the tracks isn’t improving though.


And from those tracks to the east is where it gets worse. The road is wide and without a median, and the whole set up for those few blocks is about getting cars into and out of the government office buildings. There’s not even a crosswalk at Seaboard Station Drive. I know it will be improved when all the Capital construction is completed, but you’re right that it’s not going to fix the CSX situation, or anything east of it for that matter.


Does anyone know if renderings for phase 2 or 3 have been released and where they are expected to begin?


Phase II

Phase III is requesting an increase in height for max 40 stories. No renderings for a while…



Awesome! Thank you!
Do we and an eta or “best guess” when this Phase II will actually begin?
I did see that they demolished the buildings where this would go but was unsure of when to actually expect construction? Please and thank you! :grin:


I believe they said Phase III wouldn’t start until II is completed.


That would make sense since they don’t even have city alignment to their UDO variance yet. The design work can’t even begin. If they did build up to 40 floors, that’s going to require a good amount of design and review time. I’m really curious how long Phase 2 will take to construct. The retail and residential buildings don’t seem to be all that different from any of the concrete pedestal + frame construction projects we’ve seen around town. It should be able to be completed near the end of of 2020 if they break ground with actual construction this Summer.


Sorry if I was misspoke, I was wondering when Phase II or Better yet, Phase 2 would actually begin?


Ah, I misread. You spoke fine. Lol


We heard at a Kane meeting that they wanted to start Phase 2 in June of this year. However, we have since heard (on this board) that due to relocation of utilities, etc that permits probably would not be issued that quickly (or something like that).


No surprise. Big projects almost always get delayed.


This is the schedule they gave for Phase 1.


I would absolutely love to see a high end hotel occupy some of the phase III project! There is such a demand for a high end hotel around here…and I am very confused why no one has come in with one. Anyone that goes to the Umstead Spa… knows it books up quickly. It would be great to have a high end hotel come in with a high end spa!


Isn’t days inn being renovated into a boutique hotel?


That is weird to see those words in the same sentence. :grin:


Didn’t Kane purchase the North Raleigh Hilton a year or so ago? The sprawling hotel on Wake Forest Road, just east of North Hills East. This is an older sprawling hotel on some very valuable real estate. I assure you that it was 100% strategic for future development.

What If… Kane is planning to redevelop that property, but doesn’t want to lose the Hilton hotel, so he just builds a more modern building for Hilton in Smoky Hollow III. Then he can supersize the midtown property at will once the hotel is moved downtown. :slight_smile: