Peace at West (Smokey Hollow)


Ahh! 3D Chess at work!

There is the newish Hampton Inn (a Hilton brand) off Glenwood that just a block off the Smokey project. But for all these new dense Kane projects (phase 1, 2, and 3), a new hotel is needed. Even more so if the new hotel is to pick up traffic from a soon to be decommissioned Wake Forest Hilton. I wonder if we could get some decent height on this? Probably not enough to be a new tallest hotel in DTR, but maybe close to 20 stories?


I’m not sure about who owns the North Raleigh Hilton, but just behind the property is the site of the legendary Isaac Hunter’s Tavern that helped determine the location of the state capitol:

According to the article, the land is owned by Dewitt Carolinas and is slated for future mixed use development.



So it is! I noticed a 2016 sale date on the property records, but the owner name wasn’t immediately identifiable as Kane.

In any case, this property and the Dewitt property along St. Albans will make for a massive expansion to the North Hills area.


Yep, once upon a time, it was pitched to have a privately owned monorail system between N Hills and Duke Raleigh Hospital… this just makes it sound more possible.

We had better stop talking about N Hills/Midtown HAHA

I have high hopes for whatever Kane does for Smoky Hollow Phase III. Also, isn’t there a “gap” of development the block immediately south of Phase III where we haven’t heard any discussion/rumors. Smoky Hollow Phase IV, anyone??


Most of that is Wake Counry owned I believe.


The original original site was right where the Hilton sits. Wake Forest road was west of the Hotel then. Later, in the 1920’s a large manor was built and at least some of the Tavern buildings appear to have been moved further west. There are still apparently still some remains of them if you go rake back the leaves and stuff…I keep meaning to do that. The Hunter cemetery has got to be there somewhere too as I don’t think that was ever accounted for (It’s not downtown and not in Crabtree Jones nearby graveyard either).


Out of curiosity, anyone know what the Dewitt property is supposed to be? Any master plan there?


N. Raleigh Hilton was at least partially renovated after Kane Bought it. Not sure he would have sunk money into it if he was planning to redevlop it.


I am sure he is planning on developing long term, but it will be a while before DeWitt is developed, and a few of the other projects around there. But once the new Duke Raleigh Bedtower and DeWitt, and all of those small chain restaurants are developed I bet Kane goes big there. That is 10+ years away though


Kane isn’t getting any younger. If it’s important for him to make his mark, he’ll need to move more quickly. Quite frankly, I think that’s why we are seeing him and his company move so swiftly. He’s already 66 years old. I would expect a lot of action out of Kane over just the next few years.


Kane is a visionary and a doer. People like that don’t look for opportunities to sit on the sidelines. I’m sure he’s aware of his age, but barring any health problems this guy will be active for quite some time.


Some glass going up on the Peace project. This is the corner of Peace and Harrington.


You can see how intricate the construction is with the supports and forms for all that concrete. Looks so labor intensive.
I can imagine a modular system that would be robotically constructed. Someday, when we have flying cars and high speed rail (or tunnels)…


If I’m placing this correctly from the renderings found online, this is on the lower levels. According to the rendering, the non-window areas in the photo will be mostly dark brown. I’ll have to scroll back up to that finishes wall photo to see if can pinpoint the actual material.
Okay, so I scrolled back ~200 posts to find that materials wall. Could that area around the punched windows all be dark brown brick?


@John that wall in the picture faces east (on to Harrington) if that helps your piecing together.


Thanks. I think that I figured it out.


Wow, phase II, This guy Kane is a baller, he is not playing around, really pushing, I think he is trying to pull the city council out of its Conctrete boots and showing them the way.

Also, how refreshing that a developer does what they say they will do, and actually meet its own schedule.

Great community builder.

Density for that area will explode.

Very exciting.

Good job Kane team!!!


Ken, the flying cars on the Jetsons seemed so cool, but actually the way this area is being constructed I could see a raised rail system going through all these buildings connecting them together. Like a Disney type thing on a smaller scale.


Like this one in Miami.