Pictures of Downtown Raleigh


Here’s another angle — sorry for the delay:

I’ve no idea what Phase III of Smokey Hollow will look like, but I felt compelled to fill the space anyway with my best guess.


Are those highlighted drawings future plans for development or just planning. ( ??? )


Very cool! As always, if you have any other angles, closer shots of certain areas, etc, just let me know.


All the annotations are based roughly on proposed buildings, and the assumption that each one will be completed. It’s basically just to get a preview of how our skyline might change over the coming years.


Awesome Jack! Man that looks so cool!


Thanks! You’ve already taken so many great images, so I think I have more than enough to work with for now.

Thank you! It’s fun to explore how these projects look relative to existing buildings.


Fayetteville St 1895. Back in the good old days, before all this damned gentrification!