Pictures of Downtown Raleigh


Here’s another angle — sorry for the delay:

I’ve no idea what Phase III of Smokey Hollow will look like, but I felt compelled to fill the space anyway with my best guess.


Are those highlighted drawings future plans for development or just planning. ( ??? )


Very cool! As always, if you have any other angles, closer shots of certain areas, etc, just let me know.


All the annotations are based roughly on proposed buildings, and the assumption that each one will be completed. It’s basically just to get a preview of how our skyline might change over the coming years.


Awesome Jack! Man that looks so cool!


Thanks! You’ve already taken so many great images, so I think I have more than enough to work with for now.

Thank you! It’s fun to explore how these projects look relative to existing buildings.


Fayetteville St 1895. Back in the good old days, before all this damned gentrification!


Make Raleigh Great Again. :rofl:


Actually that “IS THE BEGINNING” of gentrification…:wink:


Are those the North Hills high rises in the background!?!


Park Hotel and the Water Tower. This little stretch of road had a lot of history pass up and down it. The original Canova statue of George Washington came up here on the back of a wagon. A Union Civil war column rode up a mere 30 years before this photo. Lafayette rode down it on his way south.


Anyone know what’s the vantage point? Cool picture! Is this basically the “money shot?” Maybe from performing arts center?


OldeRaleigh Instagram posted it with a more detail…the bridge to the center right is the location of the bridge over Rocky Branch where the greenway crosses Fayetteville. So this is probably about where Eliza Pool Park is now, perhaps a tad closer.


Awesome additions there Mark, that is a lot of history. I was just going to ask if that was the Park Hotel & Water Tower. So that is 1st Baptist to the right, and I guess Christ Church? Can we name the steeple to the left of the Park Hotel? Is that Edenton St Methodist?


I’m not 100% sure, but either Edenton St Methodist existed then, just not sure how tall the steeple was (its on like its 4th or 5th steeple)


Ha! I took the old photo.


That’s a pretty incredible transformation! Makes me feel even more proud to live here than I already do . . .


The sidewalk between the Origin Hotel parking deck on Morgan that connects to the Warehouse District is now open too


The Dillion being in the foreground gives sort of a distorted view of the extent of skyline change. I realize RBC/PNC gave us a new tallest building, but it’s not a ton of change at the top. DRA should really be celebrating the changes on the ground level as pedestrian traffic has probably increased 5-10X since the *before picture.


I was walking around the warehouse district yesterday, very cloudy and some rain…Sorry for the poor pics, But there was a good amount of foot traffic when i went down towards RUS. In no time, it will be much more foot traffic once the weather gets warmer and more Shops and eateries fill the area.