Pictures of Downtown Raleigh


When I see a High rise office building, i see progress that the city has made for it’s citizens, I see change, i see growth. maybe that is why i focus so much on developers to build towers taller than 20 stories, because I see the future for everyone.


Very well said! I completely agree! :blush:


Nice urban canyon! There’s certainly a few spots in Raleigh where you can get some decent density views…



Great pics. The one from Boylan is amazing.


Google maps satellite view seems to have been updated to about June 2018 now. Pretty cool to see the additions and changes.


I just zoomed into the Capital Bridge over Peace Street and Kane’s adjacent project. Neither show up on the satellite view. Even the Gramercy on Glenwood still shows as a mostly cleared site before construction.


Google Maps or Google Earth? I’m not seeing any changes on the former.


Weird. Google maps.


You can change from 3D model to 2D mode under options. 2D maps are updated frequently. The last I checked with the 3D map charter square was under construction


I haven’t seen the 2D option available in a while, so I’m not sure how to see the new imagery.


In the menu, deselect the “Globe” option


Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for pointing it out!


Took a picture from the rooftop of The West facing south this afternoon. The Metropolitan apartments really filled in the blanks here.


Now that is an awesome picture!!! Awesome :clap:
Thank you :blush:


It did, and I’m glad there’s more people that are going to be living in between Hillsborough St and Peace now. It’s something of a district. I am a little worried the drabness and the functional design fortress like state is still going to somehow leave us with a dead feel throughout the stretch. Smokey Hollow Ph II’s retail hopefully will help that but Metropolitan…meh. Maybe if the Reynolds do something with their half of the block it’ll change the feel.


:heart_eyes: look at that turret… if only caswell square could be rotated 90 degrees in either direction…or dawson st converted back to 2-way traffic :sunglasses:


this next one I was at North Hills doing some shopping, later I met a friend for lunch downtown. the crane to the right is where they are building the 30 story tower. ( tower 4 )


Guess this thread is a good spot for this one too.