Platform and Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders

I can’t remember if there’s a separate thread for the Clancey and Theys warehouse renovation, but I saw some activity on the property this morning. I’m not sure exactly what was going on, but it looks like there’s some clearing out that might be going on.

Hopefully this is some happy news in the midst of intense times for downtown.


That’s very exciting! Maybe that’s soil sample type work?

The original topic of this thread being the Kane project at the tracks that had a PD but they bailed on has an active ASR that just was updated (for what it’s worth).

Status changed from “UR” to “Approved with Conditions Pending Appeal (CAPA) 6-27-20”


It’s August, and about the time that Kane representatives originally said they were hoping for the warehouse renovation project to be completed. I haven’t seen any new movement on that property other than a construction office trailer being set up, but it has been there for a while with no activity.

I’m not too surprised that this project has slowed down since the types of businesses they were courting as tenants are probably in a tough situation right now. However, this location has great potential for a lot of outdoor seating, so it’s a bummer that it seems to be on pause.

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I believe this project was abandoned. Maybe just very delayed/deferred but I don’t believe there is any intent currently to proceed with it.

I just got out of a neighborhood meeting with Kane and Clancey & Theys about the larger project on the north side of W Cabarrus. The project is moving forward starting with some infrastructure (sewer and stormwater) improvements in May. They are only starting with the residential phase of the project for now and will see how the market for office space evolves as the pandemic (hopefully) eases. Kane has stepped back (for now) from the warehouse project on the south side of Cabarrus due to market impacts of the pandemic.

Early sitework commencement: May 2021
Sitework complete: November 2021
Building construction start: November 2021
Building construction complete: October 2023

Building Deets:
“Platform” mixed used building
442 apartments (6 levels) and one level of amenity and commercial space
27,128 sq ft of commercial/retail space
592-space parking deck (fully wrapped with apartments, including the railway frontage)

View from corner of West and Cabarrus (edit: nope, I’m wrong it’s the corner of the new mid-property driveway between Saunders and West):

Looking east along Cabarrus:

Interior public courtyard/amenity space:


Looks good! West Street apartment will have a nice view of downtown for now.


The railway-frontage apartments may end up with the best views in the long run, especially for railfans.


Did they say anything about street-level retail in the first phase?

And how the hell did we not get invited to that?? :frowning:


BTW the first pic isn’t technically the corner of West and Cabarrus. That corner is the mid-property entrance to the parking deck I guess, but not quite back far enough for West St.

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It does look like there will be space for it. I could see a coffee shop going in there though a lot of these luxury apartments already provide free coffee bars I’m sure with 400+ units that some would prefer a barista-made cup of joe.


Totally missed the commercial/retail space. Thx! Excited to see this kicked off!

I also suppose Kane doesn’t want to do the rest of the phase until West St is punched under the tracks.


I don’t even care if he does the rest, I just want West St extended…


This is nice! Maybe they’ll throw some money and help push along the West St extension. Wish they had a rooftop planned because these could arguably be the best views in the city.


The entire street level will be commercial, but they are saying it will likely be “creative office” rather than retail because the traffic probably won’t support retail.

And this was a meeting only with Rosengarten Park residents because they are literally tearing up the alley I live on for several weeks for the sewer line replacement and stormwater work. We’re going to have heavy construction directly outside our front doors. :construction_worker_woman: They wanted to apprise us of the impacts.


I assumed this was the case, as nothing has happened with it, and there’s “For Lease” signs up around those warehouses to this day - but damn, I was excited for this project! I really hope (and am optimistic) the idea will come back into play.

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Clancey & Theys are still owners of the property and are just trying to fill empty spaces at the moment. Kane reps said that they are still supportive of the project for when market conditions improve and potential tenants are ready to take on the risk.


Unless something major changed, maybe they meant apartments wrap all the street frontage?
From site plan application ~1 year ago (April 9 2020):


I had forgotten the two office buildings were going to be mass timber construction. Hope that’s still the plan and moves forward!