Platform and West End II - Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders

The wider sidewalk experience under Capital Blvd has helped Seaboard feel more connected, but the legacy sidewalk under the railroad tracks to the east doesn’t help. Also, once east of those tracks, the area feels like a weird no man’s land with the gas station on the north of Peace and the weird collection of ugly state buildings and parking on the southside. Perhaps when Zimmer gets built, it will help, but the tracks sure seem to be psychological barrier to me. If the southside of Peace was repurposed into something that engaged the sidewalk and created an experience, it could be a game changer.
Personally, I am a walker in a big way and Seaboard never feels far away by my two feet. I typically walk to Ace Hardware when I need something, but it doesn’t mean that I like that entire corridor experience.


when is zimmer starting construction


Dragging this thread kicking and screaming back on topic.

Not a super exciting update, but we’ve been told that concrete pouring should be wrapping up soon and roofing will start on the first section by the end up this month. They’ll start putting in windows in September.



This thing is really taking shape quickly.


Some street level pics from yesterday evening.

I’m curious what these small block towers are for. I was thinking trash/recycle chutes but there are so many in close proximity.


Those are the affordable housing units.


They could be chases for vent piping to run through to the roof. It pulls the piping out of the walls and would presumably have some level of fire protection with the cinder block walls. Just a guess though.


That is interesting. I would think a trash chute would just be wood framed and covered with vinyl or sheet metal. Being masonry, I would think these are something more structural. Let’s continue to follow this story :male_detective:

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I don’t think the primary purpose is structural, because there’s openings at the plenums (which also eliminates the possibility that it’s trash chutes – I would think those openings would be at a reachable height at each level, whereas these appear to be just below the floor).

That seems to indicate these are mechanical shafts (openings for ducts or piping), and the concrete is just a way of achieving the required fire protection – a 2 hour rating is required if connecting >4 floors. I’ve never worked on a wood-framed building, but I’m pretty sure shafts are usually just built out of studs and a fire-rated shaft-liner though… so maybe you’re right that they went with CMU to add some lateral stability.


Phase 2… coming up… ASR-0076-2022… described as “Mixed used building with associated parking deck and utilities.” Waiting for the upload to the city site for more detail.


What are the odds he says “F it” and goes for the 20-story rezoning again? :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Zoned IX-7-UL. The most recent plan was a pair of 7-story mass timber office buildings. Curious that its described as just “mixed use”. Typically residential buildings mention that in the description.

Ok so this is just the forthcoming development proposal, not a request… .damn

Please be fully concealed parking…pleaseeee

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This is tearing me in a couple of different directions.

I’m initially excited to see activity for this 2nd phase and can’t wait to see what they’re proposing.

I’m also disappointed there wasn’t a rezoning request. If you’re looking into the future and West St is connected under the tracks, this becomes a REALLY well connected property to public transit and if we need height anywhere, this is one of the more important areas for sure. I’d rather see this take longer and be DX-20.


Straight from my inbox:

Kane Realty Introduces Second Mixed-Use Project in Raleigh’s West End

Plans submitted for 240 apartments, 4,000 SF retail, and parking in Downtown Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (Sept. 2, 2022) – Kane Realty Corporation has revealed plans for its second mixed-use development in the West End, the emerging Downtown Raleigh neighborhood adjacent to the Warehouse District. Occupying just over two acres at the corner of S. West Street and W. Cabarrus Street, the as-yet unnamed project will feature five floors of apartments atop two stories of parking, totaling 290 spaces. An active ground level will feature 4,000 SF of retail space, joining 26,000 SF of ground-floor retail at Platform, Kane’s first development in the West End, currently under construction and scheduled to open in January 2024.

“Downtown Raleigh has seen tremendous growth over the past several years, with no signs of slowing down,” said Bonner Gaylord, Chief Operating Officer at Kane Realty Corporation. “West End is a vibrant neighborhood with a fantastic variety of locally owned businesses. Between Platform and this newest development, we are thrilled to introduce even more options to live, work, dine, and shop in Downtown’s West End.”

In addition to its collection of 240 studio and 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, Kane’s new development will feature an array of top-tier community amenities. Residents will enjoy indoor/outdoor social and coworking spaces, a robust fitness center, a large central pool with sundeck, and a top-floor sky lounge with views of the West End, the Warehouse District, and Downtown Raleigh. With a location immediately adjacent to the city-planned West Street extension, this development will also provide residents and visitors with walkable and bikeable access directly to the Warehouse District.

Dwell Design Studio is the architecture firm for this development, with local firms McAdams, Stewart, and Lynch Mykins rounding out the design team. Groundbreaking is slated for Summer 2023, with construction anticipated to be complete in Spring 2025.


You just beat me to it… here’s the WRAL link for safekeeping as well:


Interesting how for branding purposes they seem to be creating their own sub-district name (West End) since the Warehouse District includes this area south of the tracks.


Since their parking deck entrance is from the west street extension tunnel, at least that means that that project must also be on this 2023-2024 timeline.