Platform and West End II - Development at W Cabarrus/S Saunders

It’s platform squared!


Replacing a construction office building and equipment yard is a really low bar to clear. Of course, “it’s better than what used to be there,” but we can still be critical of the execution, especially those of us who want more and better and are actually invested in this area. I’m hopeful that the retail spaces will be filled with interesting businesses.

There are a few features that I like (thank goodness for the brick), but I think a large portion of the building looks cheap and isn’t going to age well. Who puts that much lapped siding on a massive building and then paints little patches of color on it? Why? If you have an eye for good design, this project is disappointing.

It’s ok to be critical of things that are shaping our city for the next few decades. In fact, we should be critical so we get the best and not just, “well it’s better than a surface parking lot.”


Not so fast! Eventually some of the Bloc 83 deck(s) will be bloc’d (83’d) from view:


Point made. I am, however, glad for better development than run-down warehouses and vacant lots. I will say it again - I expected more from Kane on this design of this project. It could have been so very much better. I think Kane cheaped out on this one.


e v e n t u a l l y…y u p

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Dude the one in blue (the apartment tower on the corner of Boylan/Hargett is more likely to start sooner than later… residential basically has a green light :green_circle: to print green :dollar: in Raleigh, these days…


Yeah man, they’ll get built…but, they aren’t covering the majority of that B’83 deck I mentioned any time soon. Hopefully something one day will 86 that thing.
Back on topic - glad people can live here at Platform and hope the retail spots bring in some unique business opportunities - but, Kane Co certainly decided to VE this into ‘oh well, it’s sorta fine’ territory…

My impression is that after the neighborhood balked at the rezoning and Kane decided to work within existing zoning, this was a way to flip off the neighborhood for fighting the rezoning. The lovely seafoam green is just the icing on the :bird: cake. Just my uninformed impression.


Hot take that some won’t want to hear but I think Kane buildings are often ugly. Stanhope is way worse than this.


Yeah, but Stanhope wasn’t Kane design. He just got the project completed.

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I personally think that Stanhope is a lot better than this development because the front is beautiful and historic-ish looking and the ugly side is shielded by other buildings.


Yeah, Stanhope at least fits in with the NCSU brick obsession. If you don’t like brick, then this just really isn’t a good part of town for you.

The one side of the Platform that fronts Cabarrus seems to fit. The rest of it… well.


I’ll always be a fan of brick buildings, they are almost always more appealing than the cheap alternatives that are more common.


Despite the color, the Platform and West End II will bring a decent amount of people into the DTR fold :+1:t2::heart_eyes:


My takeaway was that we need that West St tunnel under the tracks to start yesterday!


Who do we talk to about that?

If only there were a city council member who participated in this community… :wink:


Federal government! Last I heard, staff is getting the project “shovel ready” so the next time we apply for a grant to build it, we’re more likely to score higher and secure the funding.


Well there you go! :wink:

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Ask and you shall receive. :cowboy_hat_face: