Possible New Development Locations and Projects


No it isn’t that, it’s at the gateway site

Actually, if I’m not wrong, it’s across the railroad tracks from the Gateway site. It’s this one:


You are correct. The North Carolina Association of Educators site.

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I agree with the others; that NCAE site is woefully underutilized and suburban in a very urban location. Nothing north of MLK near Fayetteville Street should be developed like this.


I think the entire area south of MLK should be realigned as it is very suburban like.

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As long as we are dreaming, I’d really love to see the stretch of Johnson Street from Glenwood to St. Mary’s become a high street retail type experience. With Smoky Hollow coming soon, and with Johnson Street becoming a more connected e/w corridor, there’s just so much untapped potential. Save for St. Mary’s Square and the small part of The Paramount that fronts Johnson, that entire corridor is ripe for redevelopment as a retail corridor with offices and housing above it.
Here’s a new retail corridor in Doral, FL that is sort of what I mean, but I’d like to see our corridor be 3 or more floors each depending on the parcels.


My thoughts exactly!!!

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Anyone know what’s going on with the old Goodwill building. Saw that it was fenced in today when I went to Weaver Street. I didn’t notice it was closed but I know that’s some prime real estate.

It closed in 2018, I think.

It closed in 2019 but alleged development coming someday… Maybe now?

I think it’s now owned by Highwoods. That building and the lot next to it. Some of us fear that they’re just going to put some temporary paid parking there fir a well. None of the expert sleuths on this site have found any renderings, etc…

Didn’t know if it was worth it’s own thread, but it looks like 401 Hillsborough is for sale. The 3/4 acre for sale includes State of Beer, Exploris, and the Ugly Monkey. Asking price is $10 M. Seller states that all leases end in 2023-24 and the land is already zoned for 20 stories.


Surprised they didn’t try to rezone for 40 before selling and tried to get out a little more cash.

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I hope the non-developing and stagnant company that must not be named doesn’t buy this lot.


I could totally see Highwoods (I’ll say it) buy this and toss in a rezoning request to bump up the value. Or CityPlat.

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Another day, another 40-story rezoning request :hugs: the site is currently zoned for up to 20 stories.


Big changes could one day be in store for a property in the heart of downtown Raleigh as the owner gears up to request a zoning change to allow up to 40 stories of development on the site.

This month, representatives for Charlotte-based Trinity Capital plan to host a neighborhood meeting for an upcoming rezoning request for the site of the Reynolds Building at 316 W. Edenton Street. Trinity Capital partner Jeff Sheehan said the company does not have any concrete or near term plans to redevelop the property and that the request is to best position the property for the future.


Adding on top of that. There’s another one that’s coming out for 40 stories at 333 S Dawson St.

Zoning reuqest (Z-24-21)


This is the Firestone block. There’s a separate thread for that already.

I thought there was a thread mentioning this one already as well. It mentioned this one and the plot behind (north of) Legends.


Found it over on the Status planned mixed/use development pipeline thread. I’ll link these two.