Raleigh-area Mall / RTP Redevelopments

There’s also Kanes 40 story proposal, Smoky hollow phase 3 and the other 40 story proposal in the same area as well.

I’m hoping the strip on S. Street will get there with boulted bread, the proposed bottle shop, Sam Jones BBQ, and hopefully someone opens a shop/dining in this building!

620 W South St


None of those are confirmed proposals though; all it indicates is that they are above 20 stories. Many don’t end up being anywhere near that height.

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Right, those are just approved re-zonings. We haven’t seen any renderings or plans yet.

The Durham project seems like speculation right now as well :thinking:


I wonder why, I hope the plans haven’t fallen through or been scratched

Hillsborough Street has this, and I tottaly agree that it is one of the best part of cities. I went to Louisville and they had lots of areas like that. I looked it up and in the 1920’s they had 200,000 people and Raleigh had 20,000 . Not a lot of places like that built after the 1940’s

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Let’s not get too excited about RUSBUS. It likely won’t be higher than a few floors more than 20 stories.

121F? Is it going to get built? News since the reveal has been tepid.

As for Smoky Hollow 3, Kane’s team is already asking us to lower our expectation.

Zimmer? They keep changing their plans this one is the least likely to happen.

The only 30+ story tower project in Raleigh that made it to the pre-construction phase is in North Hills.

Would be embarrassing if Downtown Durham had a 30+ story tower started while Downtown Raleigh can’t get a third one out soon. Two Hannover Square is 29 stories.


I feel like 121 is going to surprise us. I always push it to the back of my mind but the group halls the money if they want to do it they can.


I don’t see Durham building a 30 story tower before Raleigh an embarrassment. Maybe it will light a fire under developers in Raleigh to build higher.


Agreed. For me, it’s more about contiguous street level experience and Raleigh’s going gangbusters on that around the city. With Raleigh Crossing, Bloc83 and Smoky Hollow, the west side of DT experience is going to be way more contiguous and robust. It will be like the return of “the mall”, but this time outdoors and way more interesting.


Agreed. I think Raleigh is doing just fine. Yes, I hope some of these projects get off the ground soon but there are some exciting things happening here.


Street-level experience for sure. I would rather have a ten-story building with street level engagement over a thirty-story building just for the sake of height. Look at the Oakbrook Terrace Tower in suburban Chicago for example.


You have to remember that 121 F was only submitted for plan approval a couple of months ago. Nothing much is going to be said until they actually have the approval. That’s going to be true for any project in the system. Once they get approval, it may take off like gang busters or sit around like 400H. You never really know.

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What’s the latest on the Crabtree tower on Sears property? Did the rezoning request come before (old) council or pushed back?

That looks just like Liberty Place in Philadelphia, but ugh…awful location. University Tower in Durham is their tallest, but it’s got the same problem. Maybe the South Square redevelopment will stretch across 15-501.

To tie this back into the mall redevelopments subject, I actually got some good Christmas shopping done at North Hills’ JCPenney last night, which is a phrase I never thought I’d write. I wonder if they’ll find space in the redevelopment…they seem to be one of the few JCPenneys left that’s worth its space.


From what I’ve heard, they were hoping for a hotel component of the development but nobody has really showed any interest (besides a Holiday Inn which they probably said “meh” to), so they’re probably revising what they want to do going forward whether scaling it back a little or changing uses.

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Reminiscent of the Durham’s ‘The Pickle Tower’.
17 stories of awesome, but in the middle of giant parking lot. :drooling_face:


That’s the first thing I thought of. They’re reminiscent enough of each other that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were even designed by the same firm. I used to like this tower when I was a kid (because it meant we were getting close to Nana’s house (and she had cable, not just 4 public access channels)), before I knew better. At least it isn’t the tallest building in Durham anymore! Scratch that, I guess it is still the tallest? I was under the impression that One City Center was supposed to have taken that superlative, but I guess not. Shame.

Interesting, it seems it was the first one added to the top 5 tallest in Durham since the 80s.


Interesting, if you remove the spike from the University Tower it’s the same height as One City Center at 296 feet.


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