Raleigh-area Mall / RTP Redevelopments

Are there any transit improvements planned that would reach Crabtree? Future BRT extension?

I think the BRT link should be a key mitigation factor in the higher density proposals. I’m liking Smokey Hollow and Penmarc in a general sense because I think they have a chance to have the highest development/lowest traffic ratio because they could be more walkable and on the BRT line.

I pretty much avoid the Crabtree area so it’s not going to affect me that much, but I would tell my friends in North Raleigh to go to the meetings and be involved. There may be traffic improvements that mitigate some of the issues, or it may synergize with the future NCDOT project.


Looks like one of them CAROLINA HURRICANES, BABY!!!


I love how this rendering pretends that all of those rooftops are going to be free and clear of anything except skylights. Ha!


The Westin would go on the foundation of the Soleil Center at Creedmoor and Crabtree Creek. What’s under construction now is beside the Westin. The Soleil Center was to originally include the Westin along with condos.


I really think all of this development is too good to be true. I mean what are the chances they get approved? What are the chances they even build?

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If I was the project manager for this redevelopment (either on the 440 end or the Crabtree end), I would try to preserve some sort of corridor for a dedicated, aerial right-of-way for BRT (with higher load limits and widths to support a conversion to light rail, in the unlikely event in the far future that ever happens).

I wonder who you would have to talk to and convince to make this happen, though?


Please do not close this thread. I agree that its a downtown community thread but why not incorporate Crabtree and North Hills? Its all urban development…


By gosh, you are spot on @Jake it does!! That is what we need to name this plan. Hurricane Interchange.


All of the crosswalks will play a little Scorpions when it’s safe to cross.

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This is a thread about a piece of news. I don’t intend to allow any active posts on the actual construction taking place there.

It’s kind of a gray area but topics relevant to urban infill and urban “challenges” I’m all about it. They are great cases to look at for ideas for downtown Raleigh. However, development updates including photos of towers and buildings under construction just for the sake of looking are not allowed. (unless they are in or near DTR)

That’s generally how I run this shop.


I like this plan. The reality is Crabtree is already pretty urban for a suburban town like Raleigh. Density here is inevitable and ought to be good. Transportation is a big hang up.
I was only half joking about double decking Glenwood - that really appears to be the only practical solution.
Crabtree should be connected by some sort of rapid/ish mass transit to North Hills and then on into Smok(e)y Hollar and on to the new south. I sure hope downtown/penmarc. I sure hope Kane wants to connect all his properties at some point.


I was suprised that Crabtree was able to secure a shared office tenant - Spaces and North Hills not (yet):

That’s great news and the 30 story rendering looks awesome

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maybe could start another board for along the beltway urban development discussions.


otbraleigh.com appears to be taken. :frowning_face:

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ODTRaleigh available ? Outside Downtown Raleigh?

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The more I stare at the plans, the more I’m feeling like none of the intersection redesigns are great. They all have glaring flaws, so it might be an issue of having to pick the least awful one.

1: the old, conservative option

Option 1: right-only turns on Glenwood Av. on Lead Mine/Blue Ridge

2/3: the even worse kind of Carolina Hurricanes

Option 2: highway-like separated interchanges for Creedmore and Lead Mines; faster Glenwood traffic past 440, but probably difficult to navigate/road signs will be confusing
(this is the ugly one Kanatenah referenced earlier)

Option 3: highway-like separated interchanges for Creedmore and Lead Mines; more intuitive merging/splits in 440, but probably slower traffic

4/5: Crabtree Island

Option 4: Glenwood and Crabtree Valley made into one-way routes; merge lanes in 440 interchange better spaced out, but more bridges (more expensive?)

Option 5: Glenwood and Crabtree Valley made into one-way routes; less raised structures in 440 interchange, but more merges along northward Glenwood Av. per second driven past 440 (more dangerous to drive?)

6/7: Lead Mine bypass/Ridge Road preserved

Option 6: North Glenwood Av. direct path to mall, Blue Ridge/Lead Mine connected, North Hills/Blue Ridge becomes right-only intersection, 440 interchange design makes things easier on Glenwood drivers

Option 7: North Glenwood Av. direct path to mall, roundabouts everywhere, Lead Mines flows into 440, traffic from Blue Ridge requires passing 3 intersections/roundabouts to get onto Glenwood, 440 design gives preference to people leaving Crabtree

Maybe this could be pulled off if you modify a few things (and even add a transit link to North Hills and Downtown!)…? Something like this, maybe?

Keita’s modified option 3 with aspects of options 4


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t cut off access to Lead Mine. I am on that road all the time.

With the current Council? 0% - better vote in Oct!

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Anyone is free to go start their own forum about anything they want. I’ll even advise and bring all the luck in the world to your project! :wink:


Every option NCDOT put out preserves some sort of access to Lead Mine Rd., so I’m confused by why you’re mad? It’s just a matter of which roads and (for Crabtree Rd.) which directions you can directly turn to/from there.