Raleigh-area Mall / RTP Redevelopments

Kane just recently submitted for a subdivide case for the parking lot at 4006 Market at North Hills St. to divide the 1 property into 3 lots. Any idea why? Maybe something to do with the impervious surface calcs for the street extension? Wouldn’t 3 separate lots make it more difficult to develop later? (SUB-0067-2019)


By my count they are pouring the 20th and final floor.


Said it before but worth repeating. In 4 years North Hills will have a more impressive skyline than Durham.


I couldn’t agree more

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Greensboro is starting to develop a little bit of height again but NHs has the potential to pass it as well. More likely then not, NHs will become the 4th most impressive skyline in NC within this decade. Only definitively behind Charlotte, DTR, and Winston.


It might wind up being more impressive that DTR!


North Hills by itself won’t be but what will be interesting is if North Hills continues to expand east and if Midtown Exchange gets completely built out with decent height to the point that they connect, then we may have an Atlanta situation in which midtown and Buckhead rival downtown and are more impressive to some people. DTR has tons of development ahead of it so I don’t think it will ever actually happen but the dynamic of how Atlanta is built I think we are on track to somewhat mimic. NH/Midtown Exchange, DTR/Park City, and Downtown South may all be individual and impressive skylines in our lifetime.


It’s actually crazy to think that after Uptown Charlotte, Raleigh could hold the next 3 most impressive skylines in the state sometime in the future.


Raleigh’s midtown is more separated from downtown than Atlanta’s situation is with continuous commercial development between downtown and midtown.
Raleigh’s midtown can definitely emerge as a very distinct skyline in the Triangle.


We can think of it as a belleview, WA.


Counterpoint: the situation with Buckhead is similar to North Hills.

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Southend Charlotte is building up now too. So they are going to be pretty impressive as they grow.

Won’t South End just be an extension of uptown?

What will be impressive is when the the NH, midtown skyline connects to downtown as the area in-between fills in.

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I’m just happy we’re having what are, essentially, a bunch of Little Five Points type areas spring up all around the periphery of downtown Raleigh.

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I don’t count Southend because it’s not distinctly separate from Uptown. Only a highway in between them. So it’s pretty much just an extension.

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Even at the current rate of development, I should think the skylines of these areas converging will take many decades. I mean, it took 10 years for Glenwood South to get momentum (and height) and that’s maybe a mile from the center of DT, and there is a lot more ground to cover between downtown and somewhere like NH (~5 miles). The area of land really contributing to the visible skyline is smaller than you might think.

I’d love to be proven wrong though!


Agreed - I wasn’t implying that this would happen anytime real soon. It’s probably 10 years before NH gets fully built out, and who knows how long for Midtown exchange.

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Link to Durham tower?


Yeah what is this Durham tower u speak of?

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