Raleigh City Budget

Let’s talk about the budget.

The city just sent out their survey to get input on what priorities should get attention for the FY20 Budget. Jump into it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FBKRKSG

Just like voting, posting to this community is nice but make your voice heard by participating in these surveys.


Just did the survey . Thanks Leo !


I also took the survey! Thank you as well, Leo :blush:


Thanks for posting here, I wouldn’t have known about it if not for this community.

They say the truth about a cities aspirations isn’t found in it’s vision, it’s found in it’s budget.


My survey is done!!!


Same here. And mine is done as well.


I wasn’t expecting the survey to ask our opinion on budget allocation but I’m glad it did.


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Reviving this thread. My wife @rhens17 and I were able to attend a “budget listening” session today. Overwhelming support for transportation infrastructure and housing affordability from the attendees, which was really refreshing.


How was it? I saw it was for an hour and half.

Honestly pretty helpful on explaining the full budget process, and it was of course nice to rank the needs of the city from our perspective. It was pretty interactive. The group was split on whether transportation and infrastructure was the most important or housing was.

Edit: if there are others who want to decide fully if they want to go, here’s the full agenda:

  1. Explanation of city’s budget process and current budget for 23
  2. Ranking top 3 needs of the city
  3. Ranking the 7 services provided by the city from 1-7.

Not sure if this is the right spot, but Raleigh was just awarded $800k in Vision Zero grants from USDOT. Durham also got $400k.

Excited to see what this will go towards!


Looks like you can click through on the map - they’re all action plans

$800,000 for Raleigh: “The award will be used by the City of Raleigh to develop a comprehensive safety action plan.”

$250,000 for the area: “The award will be used by the Triangle J Council of Governments to develop a comprehensive safety action plan.”

$400,000 for Durham: “The award will be used by the City of Durham to develop a comprehensive safety action plan.”

Action Plan Grants assist communities that do not currently have a roadway safety plan in place to reduce roadway fatalities, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive set of actions. The awards also provide funding to communities that want to build upon an existing roadway safety plan.


Need some money for studies.


I am assuming that they are required, but damn! I am with you on this one…Lol


Seems like every planning and engineering consultant I know (those who work almost exclusively for local governments) have at least two homes.

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I used to work in that business and exactly one out of 12 had a second home, and that included several attorneys. So I wonder about your methodology and sample size with a claim like that.

fair enough. The people I’m talking about are owners, partners and principals.

Next Community Meetup at JDennys & Friends vacation homes! :beach_umbrella: :mirror_ball:

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I was going to say studies as well! I guess $800k for “plans” isn’t far off.