Raleigh Union Station and RUSbus Facility


Ok. In case there’s any doubt, its finally open!


Is it just me or is this sign awful? Off-center and plain. How do we change this?

Otherwise the Union Station is very nice overall.


I have seen worse signs.


Maybe, it is over the exit, welcoming travelers to the city.


Thanks for the photos!!!


Thank you so very much for the photos!

Also, that picture with “small simple” print “Welcome to Raleigh” actually says a lot more about the city than not. And if you look just to the left of the sign at the cold, stark-grey wall…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All I can say is thank goodness for the natural light coming in through those awesome large windows…:grin:


Looks great, thanks for the photos. As for the sign, I think it’s fine; it’s understated and doesn’t draw attention away from the wall of windows that open up to DTR behind it.


And the grey wall! Don’t forget about the grey wall…:wink:


I don’t know about others, but my glass is half full on this one.


It all makes sense now.


Raleigh: Come for the Creamed Corn, Stay for the Creamed Corn


Agree about the ‘Welcome’ sign. RDU has a much better one when you come up the escalators near security.


I love the RDU sign. “Welcome to North Carolina’s Research Triangle” or something like that, right?

Anyway, RUS looks great!


Awesome! So simple…Thank you!


I love the grey wall! More rugged, exposed cast-in-place concrete in Raleigh please. I’ll bet that it looks appropriate in context of the rest of the building.

Agreed on the sign though… looks award and unfinished.


Grey wall: paint a nice mural of Raleigh.
Love the Creamed Corn and Canes Logo!!!


Where is all the art?!
Where is a fountain?!
Where is Raleigh pride (brag about universities, Canes, Soccer, Mudcat’s, RTP, numerous #1 rankings, ocean, mountains, etc.)
Come on, that black Welcome Raleigh sign is pathetic!
OMG!! A big water feature at front entrance or in plaza, what is wrong with this city!


@ Raleighwood
If I could :heart:️ U 10 more times, I would…
Hey, wait a minute…


I tend to agree about the art and the sign. I think we should cut the city a bit of slack here, though. They needed this station to be open and in operation ASAP. I’m pretty sure the retail spaces aren’t even filled yet. The station is up and running, and that’s the most important part. Believe me, I’ve been to a number of very grand, very old train stations where things are crumbling and everything is filthy, even without art and such this station gives a much better first impression. Heck, Penn Station in New York doesn’t even have an entrance hall.


300 ft away from an art museum.
But I agree otherwise. HUGE Mudcats banner. Have Muddy hand out hot dogs and lucky strikes on the platform.