Raleigh Union Station and RUSbus Facility


Let me introduce you to every project’s antagonist: value engineering.


If I remember correctly someone (with the city?) actually had a sketch once of our Sir Walter Raleigh stature inside the RUS…that was before his move to the Civic Center…


From my walk today, I noticed the observation deck outside. Great spot for watching folks come and go!


More shots. Kids and train spotters will absolutely love this train station.

Looks like we’re missing some pretty buildings to the right of the shot though. Maybe in a few years that will not be the case. :smile:


Those are great pictures. Thanks!


So, does this mean that there are 10 trains that go through/stop in RUS?


@DowntownRaleighGuy Yes, there are 10 trains daily departing from RUS.


I took the 6:30a Piedmont train from RUS to GBO today because I had a meeting in Greensboro. Even for an Amtrak train, the process was very efficient and we made it from DTR to DT Durham in 32 mins. To me, the trip was much easier and enjoyable than it would have been driving a car on I-40. Free wifi, so I was able to work on the train. Once the Wake Transit Plan commuter rail plan adds a significant number of trips along this route it becomes even more compelling. Obviously, both your origin and destination have to be either in walking/biking distance or within a reasonable bus trip to make it work, but for the population that it does, it could be very awesome.


I drove through the RUS tonight and noticed on the way out that there are a lot of “walls” holding back and up the train tresses? But OMG how much more grey can we stand?
Please, please, please someone paint murals or something!!! Give some kids cans of spray paint for graffiti and start the competition…Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::scream:
With that said, the RUS complex really appears to fit in very nicely with the surroundings and doesn’t stick out the way I expected. Funny, you could almost miss the entire building if you didn’t know what you were looking for?


Interesting that the RUS is 6am to 11pm and the CharlotteUS is 24/7…?


I was sort of thinking the same thing. The sign on the side of the building is nice, but does anyone think people might miss the station if they approach on foot?


Well Shouldn’t the RUS be 24/7 ? why only 6am to 11pm. that is the same time the GoTriangle/GoRaleigh Buses start and end.


For now, I guess it makes sense that RUS only has limited operating hours (especially since its tenants don’t exactly exist yet…) -though I agree that it should eventually be open for some longer period of time.

This does make me wonder, though… is RUSbus only for GoTriangle and GoRaleigh buses? Why?

I don’t think I’ve seen any plans for intercity buses moving there aside for those local services. However, it also looks to me like a great opportunity for major services like Greyhound or Amtrak (extending their bus service to Wilmington from Selma, for example?), or even something like Megabus or the Chinatown buses. Do y’all think this is something that was just never considered, or is there a rational reason why this is not a thing?

(Note: I just thought of this because RUSbus seems like it could become a less chaotic Raleigh version of New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal or Tokyo’s BusTa Shinjuku, if it wanted to be. They both have separate levels for local and intercity buses, but still allow easy transfers with regional/local rail and access to the heart of its cities)


I wonder what sort of events will eventually be taking place in that plaza on West St. It just seems like a perfect place to host “something” during the monthly First Friday & on other occasions.


WOW.!!! this will really make the Warehouse District a place to go in Downtown. I plan to use RUS when I travel to NYC or Charlotte,Asheville or anywhere in NC. I can even pick up my Mom when she visit me. :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I would Love to see something taller than 10 Stories tall next to the Dillion , at least 18 to 20 stories tall since the City doesn’t like to go any higher than that. :smile::confused::smile::confused:


The second station track (the one nearest the old station) hasn’t been cut into service yet. That’s why there are disconnected rails just north of the Cabarrus St crossing. I don’t know when this will be remedied, but I assume it won’t be long.

The Charlotte station is 24x7 because the Crescent, a train between New Orleans and New York, stops there about 1:30 am northbound and 2:30 am southbound. This train does not pass through Raleigh.


WOW.!!! this will really make the Warehouse District a place to go in Downtown. I plan to use RUS when I travel to NYC or Charlotte,Asheville or anywhere in NC.

Wait. I didn’t say intercity buses are happening… I’m asking why they aren’t a thing in the provisional plans. (yet?)

EDIT: clarification


Okay…here’s a Question that I have to ask…Now that Raleigh Union Station is Finally built…Up…and running, What about the Greyhound Bus Station ? Will they move into Raleigh Union Station ? Where they are at now was Just a Temporary location until RUS was built. NOW…it has been built. Is Greyhound moving into RUS ?


Well the bus terminal isn’t open yet, just the train station. It’s going to be years before there are any buses over there. Though, I strongly applaud GoRaleigh for selling the air rights to fund part of the bus terminal.

I’m not 100% sure about where Greyhound is supposed to end up.