Rockway (formerly Park City South) - Saunders/Lake Wheeler Apartments and Retail

Land is just too valuable. It is a shame to lose our history but there really are no brakes except the 1 year delay. Too bad for some of those iconic places. But such is progress and if you don’t own it, you don’t control it.

I don’t see why this would be a state issue. How is it done in places like Charleston or Savannah?

As Chad was saying, I believe this is state law in NC. Savannah and Charleston obviously are in different states which may have completely different laws. And as we all know, getting the legislature here to do anything reasonable is almost impossible.


I was told while doing a historic preservation research project elsewhere in eastern NC that the one exception to the one year demolition delay guideline is in New Bern, where the local historic preservation commission can apparently indefinitely delay demolition of a historic property. I wasn’t able to confirm this in the state statutes but this would be a nice option for other jurisdictions to have.


Going vertical!


Might not be a crane on a fixed base, but it’s a big crane and certainly visible on the skyline!


Great shots. This one has been hard to get from ground level.


When could we see the first floor

How many towers will this project have

All the renderings I’ve seen have had 5 or 6 towers. Don’t know if that’s representative of the current plans.

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Crane is easily visible from the Wilmington Street bridge over the railroad tracks (aka “The Hump”). Towers in this location will be an interesting addition to the western viewshed.


Thetll be bland from the original design, but none of the towers will be 40.

Ha, I snapped this one on Friday, from the greenway side. I had a laugh about how it looked like they’d set up to just dump all the trash directly into the creek. Then I worried if there was a chance that was actually the plan… But this morning I saw that the conveyer has moved and the pile of old tires and other waste remains on site. (You can see this conveyor and the pile of tires especially clearly in Dylan’s 5th picture.)
This clearing does NOT appear to be the implied location of the eventual bridge connecting this project to the greenway, but I don’t believe the location given on the old ASR documents is necessarily still the plan. But it is an amusing window onto the construction site.


Parking deck Lego set has arrived and is going up


Hehe, looks like JKK beat me to it.
Was gonna share my definitely-not-a-drive-by pic



Quick reminder that this deck will be internal at least on S Saunders streetscape.
Looking back at this, I’m pretty pumped for the retail space with Restaurant Terrace right above a new 10’ greenway with a new bridge over the creek to connect to the existing greenway. Going to be a great outdoor experience


This is what we’re seeing built right? I’ll admit, this project, I’ve just not been as engaged but found these guys here.

Looks like it will be Park City South Phase 1. This is the shorter, 336 apartment building.

[Edit: This one is much nicer :slight_smile: From here.]


“Once complete, Park City South will serve as a model for development along city greenways in Raleigh and share techniques that will elevate the city’s public realm.”

Respectable choice for landscape designers! Certainly will be nice if they activate on above goal from your link…


What are those invisible towers for the very first one