Saunders Street Planned Development - Five Horizons (Saunders/Lake Wheeler)


Did anyone go to this meeting? I’d love some details if so.


I wasn’t able to make it as I was coming back from Ocean City, MD. There is another meeting on 10/9 630-8p at Whees4Hope but I don’t think I’ll be able to make that either due to a hockey game.


I live further down Lake Wheeler Road pass Farmers market crossing over 40 towards Tryon Road, I walk down that road almost everyday. it would be nice if they added sidewalks so it be a little safer, Sometimes I cross Dix Park to get to DTR.


Hey…I live On that Street, Everyday I wonder what will they name this nice little park. I walk pass it everyday on my way to Work,


I live about One Block away from this park. I walk by it everyday on my way to Work


Thanks for the pic @Steve! Anyone else notice the “gridification” of Heritage Park at the top of the picture? West cuts through HP and intersects Western, and Dorothea cuts through HP and intersects Dawson. Best of all, looks like NW cloverleaf @ Dawson and Western is gone!!


Took these pics while going for a walk…before it got dark. I love this little Park.


Also, looks like they have the same idea to eliminate the NB McDowell on-ramp as my ballpark drawing from a DTRaleigh post a few years ago. Just use the existing loop in the SE corner of MLK/McDowell to funnel NB traffic under the bridge. Voila!


Looks like plans have been submitted for the South Saunders Master plan. We should be seeing a PDF soon right? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make either of the community meetings due to prior commitments so I’m interested to see what the initial plans are going to be.


Five Horizons has a bit more info on their site

I find it hard to make sense of the conceptual renderings on the site, but they look interesting.


It looks to be very very conceptual and very ambitious. If it ends up being anything like these rough drawings, it’s going to make a helluva an impression on those coming into DTR from the south. The architect that is attached has some very interesting buildings.

Also it will provide much needed retail, restaurants etc to the south of downtown near Dix area aka soDoNeDi (jk)
As someone who lives right down the road, I’m pumped to see where this is going to go.


Whoa, if those conceptual renderings are actually what this is going to look like, I am so down :flushed:


The architect has some interesting existing projects.


I live nearby as well, so definitely paying attention to this.

Agreed on the architect and interesting projects. I bet they don’t come cheap.

SoDoNeDi - rolls of the tongue. . . and splats on the floor. :grin:

Did you notice the people walking on an elevated structure in the first rendering just under the words “Southern Gateway”? Veddy innerestink.


I saw that… I think its a roof top of a one or two story building… it seems to be the same building on the right side of the Rocky Branch Trail and Creek section. still it’s pretty cool…


Zoning/ Master Plan up on City’s website…


Seems like a lot of residential (maximum 510 units)… Would be some good housing for a major job center campus at Spring Hill… hmmm…


This coupled with the South Street Condos (if they ever get built), the brown stones going in on South Saunders and Dorthea (if they ever get built) and even the West Cabarrus Kane project (it sure seems like Kane is developing his Prime Corridor btw) are going to completely change the Southern end of DTR.


Actually I think it is a maximum of 975 residential units. And a million square feet of office. And 300k square feet of retail.



Is this what each pod could have or what each pod will have? If it’s “will” that’s crazy… that seems really ambitious.