Saunders Street Planned Development - Five Horizons (Saunders/Lake Wheeler)


Also as someone who lives right up the road, I welcome this land being developed. Adding some retail and more density, will only benefit our neighborhood. Maybe it will lead to a near by grocery store or even a convenience store as the nearest walk-able one seems to be over a mile away.


Is gentrification a bad thing? Maybe use a different word like reestablish, stimulate, or revive so we can feel better about ourselves.


Regarding Fuller Heights - Kay Crowder spoke at our last SW CAC meeting and noted that a presentation would be given on the future of Fuller Heights at one of the Nov. 6th council meetings. Not sure if it’ll be afternoon or evening meeting. Agendas for these meetings don’t come out very far in advance.

My understanding is that this will be a very high level, i.e., 30,000’ view, of what Fuller Heights might look like in the future (whatever that means).

I think the city is trying to get ahead of the real estate impact Dix will have on this area by establishing some guidance that will include a mix of housing types. Kay said she was in favor of a mix that included affordable housing, market-rate, and even luxury.


Is maintaining the integrity of an existing community of paramount importance? Is it even possible considering RE values are already spiking there? What about sustainability? I would argue that allowing the area to redevelop into high density multifamily would do more to keep the area affordable and would allow more people to live in close proximity to the amenities of Dix and downtown.

Totally agree with the goals of having a mix of housing types across the spectrum from capital-A Affordable income restricted through market rate workforce apartments up to luxury condos. Everything from mid/high rise mixed use right along Lake Wheeler, to townhomes and small lot SFH including reno of the existing housing stock further back.


A developer has ambitious plans to overhaul a triangular slice of land just south of downtown Raleigh, building new office towers and nearly 1,000 residential units on what is currently a mishmash of single-story auto repair shops and other small industrial buildings. Lot’s of potential here and with the company!

There is also a more informative story located at the TBJ’s website (active accounts only?) but I am sure that the N&O will pick it up soon…:grin:


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In the diagram, I’m seeing at least 7 towers over 10 stories. That’s more than North Hills has. And this is right in Raleigh downtown? This is game changing. Great architect firm too. I can’t see opposition/NIMBISM being a problem for this density and height since there’s no residential nearby. Just a row of industrial buildings across the street - which will be prime for flipping later. So is so much win for Raleigh. The new 20 story proposal from Kane, south of the Dillon, will help stretch the city into this mini North Hills project. All it needs is a grocery announcement!


That would explain the million square feet of office.

This combined with the rumors that Spring Hill is the Triangle’s leading contender for HQ2 continues to demonstrate the potential that Dix has to completely remake a large swath of the city.


Isn’t everyone talking about 5 Horizons?


What two sites? I’m not following in depth so may be missing something.


Former Rex Hospital Site (Division of Employment Security Commission) just north of Downtown Raleigh vs Development at Saunders/Lake Wheeler south of Downtown Raleigh.


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I am posting my comment here cause it was moved. This is directed at the Saunders site:

I have had two people tell me that this area was proposed to Apple, and it is in consideration… What ever that means.

Edit to add: Apple supposedly like the architect/developer… Which is interesting if this really is the same developer who designed that tower next to the Dillon with the Apple store on the bottom…


Different developer, same architecture firm. Which is why I was confused… seemed random for two different developers to choose a West Coast firm that – although well-respected – is not necessarily widely known.

In any case, good catch on the Apple Store. Could be nothing, or could be a connection.


This city can’t gentrify fast enough for me. There’s so many spots that could use it. South and east of downtown especially. I’m not even kidding.


What is Spring Hill? I’ve seen that in multiple threads about large campuses possible locations. Where is this?


Formally called the “spring hill precinct”. It is a 120 acre swath of land owned by NCSU east of Centennial Parkway and west of the Dix land. Much but not all of the land between Centennial Parkway and Barbour Drive.


I hate to be like this, but I think we all decided it the minute we wanted Dix to be a park. Everything that gets built with a view of the park will be top dollar. And frankly, expanding the area of Raleigh open to higher density development will be the best thing we can do to slow displacement.